Easy Guide for Goldfish breeding in Aquarium 2020

Goldfish breeding artwork

It’s only natural to think about goldfish breeding, especially if you have a pair of really nice (and expensive) fish. Luckily it’s not very hard and all you need is a few instructions and some preparation. Let’s take a look at the breeding instructions bellow. There is a different between Goldfish breeding in a pond … Read more

Can you reuse aquarium gravel? Is it safe?

An image of brown diatome algae in a fish tank

It’s time to change your aquarium gravel again! What a pain! But should I really buy new gravel or can you reuse aquarium gravel? In short, Yes you can reuse your old aquarium gravel. Buying gravel over and over again is expensive so why do it? Save your money and check out the instructions below. … Read more

Is colored aquarium gravel safe?

A fish in blue colored artificial aquarium pebbles https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:2004-02-02_Pterygoplichthys_pardalis_on_blue_gravel.jpg

This is a great question that seemingly has not been addressed often online. I know because I looked it up when I started preparing this article. That in itself is strange given how often I’ve heard it asked before. It’s natural that people would be asking themselves this question. One begs to wonder why it’s … Read more

How to remove tannins from aquarium water

So you just changed the water in your tank, and it’s nice and crystal clear. But later in the day, you take a look at it and what’s this! It’s as brown as tea! What the heck is up with that? Well, my friend, tannins caused this, and I’m going to teach you how to … Read more

Picking the correct Aquarium Gravel or Substrate

What you put on the bottom of your aquarium might seem like a small task, Not something you really give much thought too. But the fact is gravel or any other substrate type proves to be absolutely essential when it comes to the cultivation of beneficial bacteria as well as the overall health of your … Read more

Why should I use aquarium gravel in my tank?

Aquarium gravel is fun! It comes packed in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and qualities. And let’s not forget that nostalgic smell (That, with a combination of various species’ poop, is what makes that famous pet store smell!). Poop aside, Aquarium gravel has many important functions and isn’t meant to just look pretty. Filtering … Read more