Can Hermit Crabs Get Ich?

Can crabs get ich? Is that something you need to be concerned about when adding them to your new aquarium? This article explains the complicated relationship between ich and the hermit crab (or any other crab for that matter). Technically speaking, Hermit crabs can’t get ich. Ich has no interest in infecting crabs because they … Read more

Can You Use Aquarium Gravel for Hermit Crabs?

Setting up a new Hermit Crab enclosure? It’s important to know exactly what substrate you need to keep them happy, and healthy. Is aquarium gravel safe for hermit crabs? And if so, What kind should you be using? Note: This article will discuss both aquatic and land-type hermit crabs. It’s important you know the difference … Read more

Are Guppies Bottom Feeders

Guppies are adorable quirky little fish. I consider them the puppies of the fish world the way they approach your hand and show a lot of curiosity. Just like puppies, they can also be trained (on purpose or accidentally) to do some strange things, like feeding off the bottom of the tank. But are guppies … Read more

Do Corydoras Play Dead And How To Tell If They Are Dead

Do catfish play dead, Or is my corydoras catfish actually dead? Can corydoras play dead sometimes? These are questions that crop up quite often from new corydoras keepers. Usually, they come asking these questions in a panic because it appears their corydoras have died for no reason at all! So let’s put your mind at … Read more

Will Different Types of Corydoras School Together?

Will different corydoras school together in the same tank? That’s a question many new corydoras owners ask themselves when they are purchasing cories. There are so many amazing-looking and cute varieties to choose from that the thought of owning several different types is definitely tempting. However, some people are very hesitant to purchase certain varieties … Read more

Why Are My Corydoras Inactive?

It’s worrisome when you see your corydoras just sitting at the bottom of the tank and not doing much. In most fish it’s a sign of illness or stress, But is it something you need to worry about with corydoras? Why are my corydoras inactive in the tank? There are quite a few reasons this … Read more

Is Eco Complete Okay for Corydoras? Is It Safe?

Looking for some new substrate for your corydoras tank and eco complete has caught your eye? Now you need to know if it’s safe for their delicate barbell mouthpieces? While eco complete can be a relatively sharp substrate, It’s ok for corydoras and shouldn’t harm their barbells. Most barbell damage comes from heavy porous substrates … Read more

Can Corydoras Get White Spot Like Other Fish?

White spot can be a scary thing to see on any fish. You may ask yourself, “Can Corydoras get white spot?” and worry about your corydoras getting sick. The truth is, Yes, Corydoras can get white spot. As sensitive scaleless fish, they can be hard to treat, But there are some options such as protozin … Read more