Fish Diseases and Effective Solutions: An Exhaustive Guide for Enthusiasts

Safeguarding the health and well-being of your fish necessitates maintaining an optimal aquarium environment. Despite your best efforts to provide a suitable habitat, fish may occasionally succumb to various ailments. This exhaustive guide delves into the most common fish diseases found in aquariums, exploring their causes and presenting effective treatments. By emphasizing a proactive approach … Read more

Selective Breeding Guide For Aquarium Fish

Selective breeding is the process of choosing fish with specific traits to create offspring with those same traits. This practice is important in the fishkeeping world for improving fish appearance, health, and overall value. In this article, we will cover how to select the right fish species, prepare for breeding, choose the best traits, and … Read more

Too Much Salt in Aquarium, Symptoms, and Recovery

Salt does an interesting thing to fish. In high enough concentrations, it actually sucks the water out of their cells and tries to add itself in its place. Picture this, Your fish is filled with fresh water, And your tank is filled with fresh water. When you salt your tank, which we sometimes do for … Read more

Do Fish Shed Their Slime Coats? Restoring a Slime Coat

The slimy coat of mucous that covers fish is crucial to their survival. This protective coating helps keep the fish moist and free from infection and allows them to move more easily through the water. A healthy fish will not shed their slime coat, but if they are stressed or ill, they may lose some … Read more

What Happens to Culled Koi: The Surprising Truth

Culling is a process that is often used in the koi-keeping and breeding businesses. It is the act of removing fish from a population in order to improve the overall quality of the stock. But what happens to those culled koi? In this post, we will explore the surprising truth about what happens to culled … Read more

Fish Fasting, Why People Do It And Why You Should Too

You may have heard the term fish fasting being thrown around in the hobby and might be confused as to why we fast our fish on occasion. There are actually several reasons fish fasting is done and it’s a practice that can be beneficial for your fish. Reasons why fish fasting is incorporated into your … Read more

Can I Use an Aquarium Filter In a Pond?

Can I Use an Aquarium Filter In a Pond

Can you use an aquarium filter for a pond? Is that a thought that’s crossed your mind while looking at the more expensive pond filters vs the cheap dinky aquarium filters? Wonder no more, This article will explain to you why you can technically use aquarium filters in a pond, but also why it’s just … Read more