The Best Tank Mates for Siamese Algae Eater Fish


The Siamese algae eater is a freshwater fish that keeps your tank/aquarium clean by consuming algae. It has a slender body that can grow up to 6 inches in length. The color of this fish is either light gold or gray color. But all Siamese algae eaters have a thick black stripe that starts from … Read more

How To Breed And Care For Siamese Algae Eater Fish

How to breed Algae Eater Fish

If you are an aquarist, you may know by now that maintaining the aquarium free of algae is annoying and difficult. The algae are generally harmless, but no one wants to have a dirty aquarium. What is the easiest solution? A Siamese algae eater fish. These active and social fish will help you in keeping … Read more

Do Siamese Algae Eaters Eat Diatoms?

Do Siamese Algae Eaters Eat Diatoms

If you have a diatom issue in your tank, and your wondering if you should get Siamese algae eaters to take care of it, The answer is no. While the Siamese algae eaters will do wonders at cleaning up many types of hair algae and other algae, they don’t particularly care for diatoms. You may … Read more

Will Siamese Algae Eater Eat Shrimp?

Will Siamese Algae Eater Eat Shrimp?

Siamese algae eaters make a great addition to your aquarium’s cleanup crew. These guys will scarf down just about anything you wouldn’t want in your tank, like algae, As would indicate by their namesake. They eat more than just algae though, the thing’s like dead fish and insects will be no match for your slick … Read more