Will Hermit Crabs Eat Zoanthids?

Will Hermit Crabs Eat Zoanthids

You may have noticed your newly placed or establish Zoas seem to have disappeared seemingly overnight. Or worse, They seem to be shrinking and missing polyps every day. What gives? Obviously, you suspect your Hermit crabs are to blame. So will hermit crabs eat zoanthids? Most hermit crabs (with a few exceptions such as large … Read more

Lava Rock in Reef Tank Safe Or Not?

Lava Rock in Reef Tank Safe Or Not

The thing about lava rock you need to consider is how varied its composition is going to be. Because of the way lava rock is formed, there could be just about anything in it. For the most part, though, Real lava rock is perfectly suitable for a saltwater aquarium with reefs. Some reef keepers, however, … Read more