6 Things You Need In A Proper Pacman Frog Setup

6 Things You Need In A Proper Pacman Frog Setup

Pacman frogs are some of the cutest most adorable frogs in my opinion. They make great pets for anyone looking to start having frogs. But before you go out and buy one, it’s important to know what the Pacman frogs require in their enclosure to be as close to their natural environment as possible. So … Read more

Are Pacman Frogs Poisonous? The Truth Will Surprise you

Are Pacman Frogs Poisonous

Pacman frogs (Aka South American horned frog) are a very popular species of aquarium pet that’s only growing in popularity. Because of this growth of popularity, Humans have started breeding them in captivity which means we get all sorts of amazing varieties, such as the strawberry Pacman frog, Albino Pacman frog, the blue Pacman frog, … Read more

Can Pacman Frogs Eat Mealworms

Can Pacman Frogs Eat Mealworms

Mealworms can make a nice addition to the diet of a Pacman frog. Larger ones can’t eat the mealworms exclusively, but they can be part of the diet. Remember to gut load them before feeding to your frogs. Everyone knows amphibians love insects, so it shouldn’t come as a shock that Pacman frogs also enjoy … Read more

11 Things You Didn’t Know About Pacman Frogs

11 Things You Didn't Know About Pacman Frogs

Pacman frog lifespan Packman frog lifespan on average is 15 years. This is far more obtainable in captivity, and in the wild, their life expectancy plummets to ~5 years. How long Pacman frogs live is based on their environmental parameters and perdition. Some folks have been able to extend their Pacman frogs lifespan up to … Read more

What Do Pacman Frogs Like To Eat?

What do pacman frogs eat

PacMan frog is a generic term given to the horned frog, a large terrestrial frog from South America. They are called horned frogs because of the horn-like features over their eyes. The “PacMan” nickname was given due to their ferocious appetite and largemouth which resembles that of pacman. What do pacman frogs eat? In order … Read more