Are Guppies Bottom Feeders

Guppies are adorable quirky little fish. I consider them the puppies of the fish world the way they approach your hand and show a lot of curiosity. Just like puppies, they can also be trained (on purpose or accidentally) to do some strange things, like feeding off the bottom of the tank. But are guppies … Read more

Do Guppies Tails Grow Back When Damaged?

do guppies tails grow back

It’s inevitable for all guppy owners at some point or another. Eventually, your guppy’s tail will be damaged, either from a filter or from another aggressive fish or aquarium fish or even fin rot. The same can be said for fins and tails. All things heal with time- But do guppies tails grow back? The … Read more

Guppies Need Heaters, Heres Why

do guppies need a heater

You might or might not be shocked to hear guppies do in fact need a heater. At least, if you’re in a region that doesn’t have a high ambient temperature. With that said, for most of us, a heater is an important accessory for our guppies. But there are some things you should know… Guppies … Read more

Can Guppies Live with Angelfish? Yes! But…

Can Guppies Live with Angelfish

Can guppies live with angelfish? This is a question that many people ask themselves when they are trying to set up their home aquarium. The answer is yes, but there are some things you need to know before deciding on this type of setup. We will discuss the compatibility and care for these two types … Read more