Air Stone Alternatives You Can Use in Your Aquarium

There are several air stone alternatives you can use to get the oxygen and surface agitation you need in your aquarium. There is no shortage of reasons why someone wouldn’t want to use an airstone either, They can be loud, unsightly, and eventually break down needing to be replaced. But oxygenation and agitation are still … Read more

Is Prazipro Safe for Corydoras And Invertebrates?

Corydoras are one of the most sensitive fish I personally own. I feel like a slight breeze would have them belly up in no time. So when it comes to applying meds to corydoras, it can be a nerve-wracking experience because you never know just how they will react. So what about prazipro? Is prazipro … Read more

Can You Use Prazipro With Copper Power?

Can you use prazipro with copper power? It’s a good question to ask and I’m glad you looked it up before doing it. The answer is technically yes, You can use prazipro with copper power, However, the copper will interact with the prazipro causing a bacterial bloom. The more the interaction between copper and prazipro … Read more

Can You Overdose Prazipro

A common question people ask before using Prazipro is can you overdose prazipro? It is understandable that people would worry about overdosing prazipro as it is a medication that most people haven’t heard of before. Adding anything new to your fish tank can be a scary experience, So let’s put your mind at ease. Can … Read more

Can You Use Prazipro With Cupramine?

Need to medicate your aquarium and want to know if you can use prazipro with cupramine? With the increasing number of fish diseases and parasites that can harm or kill aquarium fish, more and more people are turning to medications to help their sick fish. Unfortunately, some medication treatments can do more harm than good … Read more

Can I Use Prazipro and Melafix Together Safely?

Can you mix MELAFIX and Prazipro without causing bad side effects in your aquarium? Mixing aquarium meds can be a tricky business as every product is different and their interactions can vary. Before dosing the tank with anything please do your research, this is solely my take on using these products together. So right off … Read more

Why Remove Carbon When Using Melafix, Is It Important?

Should I remove carbon when using Melafix as the instructions suggest? Why is it so important? Digging through my filter and removing the carbon is such a chore, so is it really necessary? The instructions for using Melafix suggest removing carbon from the filter before treatment. This is because carbon removes medications from the water, … Read more

Can You Use Expired Pimafix or Melafix?

Disclaimer: While this article recommends you purchase new pimafix or melafix rather than use expired products, Use at your own risk! Can you use expired pimafix? What about expired melafix? In general, using expired aquarium medications is not usually recommended. The active ingredients in these medications may no longer be as effective, and the medication … Read more

Can You Use Melafix and Pimafix Together?

Can you use melafix and pimafix togher? Is using pimafix and melafix together dangerous for your fish? This is a common question that people have when it comes to using these two medications together. The answer to this question is yes, you can use melafix and pimafix together. In fact, You can expect great results … Read more

Can I Do Water Changes While Using Melafix?

Can you do water changes while using melafix to treat things like finrot? Will it dilute the mixture and make it less effective? The important thing to consider when treating fish for most things is you need clean water. Having clean water is the basis for any treatment. So it makes sense to keep you … Read more