The Best Way to Re-Store Your Aquarium Suction Cups

Aquarium Suction Cups are a great way to hold things in place, but they often fail over time. This is usually due to the accumulation of dirt and dust, which can prevent the cup from creating a strong seal. Aquarium lights or sunlight degrading the suction cup as well as just general long-term use underwater. … Read more

Using Styrofoam In Aquarium – Is Styrofoam Safe for Fish?

Styrofoam has been used in arts and crafts for many years, and it’s a material that is commonly used in household projects. It’s lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to work with. So, it’s no surprise that some people have started using Styrofoam in their aquariums. Its ease of sculpting makes it great for creating beautiful and … Read more

Can You Use Rubber Bands in Aquariums Safely?

Rubber bands sure come in handy in many of life’s circumstances, but can you use rubber bands in aquariums safely? Are there any chemicals that can leech off rubber bands in aquarium water, Or do they pose any other danger to fish? We got you covered. Is it safe to use rubber bands in the … Read more

Do Color Changing Lights Bother Fish, Cause Stress?

We’ve all seen those cool colorful LED lights that you can buy to put in your fish tank. They are quite popular these days and go right along with the ‘LED in everything’ fad. But have you ever wondered if those bright, changing, or flashing lights bother fish? Do they cause stress? There are several … Read more

Is API Super Ick Cure Safe for Plants?

Thinking of using some API super ick cure in your aquarium? It’s important to know how it will affect everything in your tank, including your plants. So, does ICH medicine kill plants? Specifically, is API super ick cure safe for plants? In most cases, ich medication is not harmful to plants. It’s built specially to … Read more

Sponge Filter Not Cleaning? Here’s Why! + Fix

Nothing is more frustrating than upgrading to a sponge filter only to find it’s not doing a very good job with the cleaning. There are actually several reasons for that which are all solvable! So if your sponge filter not cleaning properly, Here is what you need to do. Your sponge filter is dirty This … Read more

Sponge Filter vs Air Stone, What’s The Difference?

Sponge filter vs air stone, What’s the difference, and should you have both? Does one replace the other? These are questions that come up often when discussing the use of air stones in aquariums. Here we hope to give you a better understanding of the differences between these two pieces of equipment and when, or … Read more