Why Is My Bamboo Shrimp Hiding, Is It Sick?

Why is my bamboo shrimp hiding all the time? Is it sick or have I done something wrong? These might be questions you are asking yourself. I had the same questions and many more when I first started raising bamboo shrimp. Let me put your mind at ease by saying you probably aren’t doing anything … Read more

Do Amano Shrimp Turn Pink When They Die?

Caridina multidentata, Aka Amano shrimp are really cool looking shrimp. They have a transparent body with black spots that makes them really fun to watch. But the look isn’t the only reason people buy them. The Amano Shrimp is often used as a cleaner shrimp since they feed on leftover food or even algae from … Read more

Why Do My Bamboo Shrimp Keep Dying?

So you keep trying to raise bamboo shrimp, but they keep dying. Why do my bamboo shrimp keep dying? Did I do something wrong? All the water parameters are perfect I just don’t understand! Actually, the answer might surprise you. Why Did My Bamboo Shrimp Die? Bamboo shrimp are interesting critters. They are filter feeders … Read more

Why Are My Cherry Shrimp Disappearing?

Why are my cherry shrimp disappearing? Where did they go? it’s a common question, especially from new breeders. Missing cherry shrimp are almost as common as missing socks from a dryer. So why did my cherry shrimp disappear? Cherry shrimp disappear for a variety of reasons, But it’s not like they just poofed out of … Read more

Why Is My Cherry Shrimp Turning Black?

So you purchased some lovely deep red cherry shrimp because the color really pops against the black substrate and green plants. But it seems they are starting to lose their color, and in some cases, even turn black! So why are my cherry shrimp turning black? First, you need to determine if they are actually … Read more

Can Cherry Shrimp Survive in Cold Water?

Are cherry shrimp cold water tolerant? Can cherry shrimp survive in cold water or do they need a heater? These are important questions for a new shrimp owner to ask, and so this article will get into the important bits you need to know about what temperature you should keep your shrimp tank at. How Cold … Read more

Do Cherry Shrimp Need Air Pump?

Airstones are an important feature in almost all aquarium setups because they add oxygen to the water. Without an adequate supply of dissolved oxygen, fish will die quickly. That’s all well and good for fish, but what about Shrimp? Do cherry shrimp need air pumps? And if they do, How much oxygen do cherry shrimp … Read more

Cherry Shrimp: Nocturnal or Just Shy? How to Fix Hiding Shrimp

Cherry Shrimp: Nocturnal or Just Shy? How to Fix Hiding Shrimp

So you got some red cherry shrimp for that beautiful red-on-black hue. It would make a wonderful addition to your planted aquarium, but what’s this? They’re always hiding! What good is having such a beautiful shrimp when all they do is hide during the day! Are cherry shrimp nocturnal? Or is there something else happening … Read more

How Many Babies Do Cherry Shrimp Have?

How Many Babies Do Cherry Shrimp Have?

If you’re looking to start breeding shrimp, whether it be cherry shrimp or any other variety of shrimp, it’s important to know how many babies they can have in order to get your size, food, and water balance estimates right. In this article, we will explain how many babies do cherry shrimp have, and how … Read more