No Nitrates in Fish Tank? This is What It Means

You may be shocked to test your aquarium water and see that there are no nitrates present. There should always be trace nitrates in an aquarium, so what gives? Well, the answer is actually pretty straightforward, Let’s dive in. What causes no nitrates in an aquarium? There are a number of potential causes for no … Read more

Starting a New Hobby? Why Are Aquariums So Expensive?

Why do fish tanks cost so much? That was the first thing I asked when I started getting involved in the hobby, And it’s probably the first thing you thought of too. However, after doing some research, I have come up with the following reasons that aquariums are so expensive. I’ve outlined some alternatives to … Read more

Will Dead Fish Help Cycle Tank, Or Will It Hurt The Tank?

People have come up with some really unique and interesting ways to help cycle an aquarium and jump-start the beneficial bacterial process. Some of those are incredibly effective and some or a bit misguided, But what about a dead fish? Will a dead fish help cycle a tank? Or will it do more harm than … Read more

Glass vs Acrylic Aquariums, Which is better for you?

Glass vs Acrylic Aquarium

The decision to choose between glass or acrylic aquariums can be a difficult one. Both have their pros and cons, so it is important to weigh the benefits of each before making your selection. Glass aquariums are heavy and ridged, but they also do not turn yellow over time, stay visible with a quick cleaning, … Read more