Do Goldfish Get Bored? Yes

Ever wonder if goldfish get bored? Yup. Just like any other pet you may have had, Goldfish do get bored. They live a healthier life if you give them plenty of fish toys, obstacles, plants, and friends to keep their little minds active! Key Takeaways Goldfish are capable of boredom. You can engage them with … Read more

Why Do Goldfish Jump Out of Ponds? Here’s The Reason

Why do goldfish jump out of water? Isn’t it a death sentence if they land on dry land? In fact, why do goldfish even jump out of the water in the first place? Do they always go back into the pond once they land on dry land? How does that work? Why do goldfish jump … Read more

Do Goldfish Have Brains Or Are They Brainless?

We’ve all heard the saying “memory of a goldfish”, generally used as a light-hearted insult. But what is a goldfishes memory really like? For that matter, do goldfish have brains? The answers might surprise you! Do Goldfish Have Brains? Goldfish do have brains! A very tiny goldfish brain size that only weighs 0.097 grams. It … Read more

Are tadpoles safe near goldfish, do goldfish eat them?

Are tadpoles safe near goldfish, do goldfish eat them

There are two types of people reading this article. The type who wants to purposefully feed their goldfish tadpoles, and those that are wondering if their pet tadpoles will be safe. This article will try and cater to both questions. Goldfish will eat tadpoles. Be it frog tadpoles or toad tadpoles, A goldfish will devour … Read more

Do goldfish get lonely by themselves?

Do goldfish get lonely by themselves

Have you recently lost a goldfish and now you’re wondering if goldfish get lonely if one dies? or maybe you’ve always had just one pet fish and you are wondering if you need to get a tank mate or other fish to keep your goldy company? This answer aims to answer your questions about what … Read more

How Do Goldfish Sleep?

how do goldfish sleep

Goldfish are a common type of pet. They may be kept in a fish tank indoors or a pond outside on the property, and they’re quite popular. But there’s one question that goldfish owners frequently ask: how do goldfish sleep? Sleep is a highly debated topic among fishkeepers, but it’s clear that goldfish do not … Read more