Are Mollies Schooling Fish, Keep in Group, or Solo?

You might be wondering how many mollies you should be kept in one tank, and if you can have just one on its own or not. Many people believe mollies are schooling fish and require large numbers to be happy, but this isn’t always the case. Mollies are in fact not schooling fish. Rather, They … Read more

Too Much Salt in Aquarium, Symptoms, and Recovery

Salt does an interesting thing to fish. In high enough concentrations, it actually sucks the water out of their cells and tries to add itself in its place. Picture this, Your fish is filled with fresh water, And your tank is filled with fresh water. When you salt your tank, which we sometimes do for … Read more

Can Oscar Fish Choke on Food? Yes! Save Your Fish!

Oscars are pretty big fish with pretty big mouths, And they love to pack in as much food as they can. Sometimes they can get a little too enthusiastic and end up choking on their food. Luckily for them, it’s really rare that an oscar will choke to the point where he needs human intervention … Read more

Are Mollies Good for Cycling


There are two schools of thought regarding using mollies for cycling. Some people believe that mollies can help jump-start the cycling process, while others believe it’s cruel to use live fish in this way. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to use mollies for cycling is a personal one. As a practical answer, yes … Read more

Why Do Mollies Change Color?

There’s nothing worse than picking out the perfect molly only to have it change color a few weeks later. So, what’s the deal with mollies and their chameleon-like tendencies? Mollies are known for their ability to change color. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a molly to go from one extreme of the color spectrum … Read more

What Fish Will Eat Baby Mollies and Excess Fry?

What Fish Will Eat Baby Mollies and Excess Fry

Mollies love to breed and they are known to have a high survival rate for their fry, or baby fish. This is good news for those who want to maintain a molly population in their aquarium, but it can also be bad news if the aquarium is already overstocked. If you find yourself in a … Read more

Do Dalmation Mollies Change Color?

Do Dalmation Mollies Change Color

Dalmation mollies are so pretty with their black and white spots, but did you know that they can actually change color? Often times a dalmatian molly will start to change color as it comes to the age of maturity, which for a molly is around 6 to 8 weeks old. A dalmatian molly will usually turn … Read more

Are Mollies Good Feeder Fish, And Should You Breed Them?

Are Mollies Good Feeder Fish, And Should You Breed Them

Mollies have been used as feeder fish for other aquarium fish and some reptiles for many years. They are a good source of food for larger fish, and their small size makes them easy to care for. Their fry is great live food for much smaller fish and the adults are often used to supplement … Read more

Will Mollies Eat Ghost Shrimp?

Will Mollies Eat Ghost Shrimp

Wondering if you can keep your mollies and ghost shrimp together in the same aquarium without any issues? Well, there’s good news and bad news. The answer is yes, You can keep them together, the bad news is sometimes a molly will eat your ghost shrimp. So how can you keep them together without any … Read more