Mystery Snail Shell Problems: Diagnosing and Correcting Issues

As an experienced aquarium hobbyist, I understand the importance of maintaining healthy shells for mystery snails. A variety of shell problems can arise, often caused by factors such as calcium deficiency, water quality issues, and tank mate aggression. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore common shell problems, their causes, and how to address them, … Read more

Mystery Snail Not Eating, Why & What To Do About It

It’s always concerning when you noticed one of your aquarium critters isn’t eating. Mystery snails are no exception to the rule; however, they seem to be particularly troublesome because their feeding habits can be difficult to establish. They will often refuse food for days on end which can lead to a great amount of stress … Read more

Mystery Snail Not Coming Out of Shell? Here’s Why

It’s not uncommon for Mystery Snails to retreat into their shells. It’s even less uncommon for them to stay there and refuse to come out, for a variety of reasons. That’s why so many new snail owners ask this similar question: “Why is my Mystery Snail not coming out of its shell?” This article aims … Read more

The Disgusting Facts About Mystery Snail Poop

Welcome to the fascinating world of Mystery snail poop. You might be wondering what would you possibly want to know about disgusting snail poo, And yes, You would probably be right. Unless you’re a mystery snail owner. It’s important to know as much as possible about your mystery snail poop if, for example, You want … Read more

Mystery Snail Eggs Fell in Water, Can You Save Them?

If you’ve ever had egg-laying mystery snails, You know for a fact they aren’t always as secure to the tank as they could be. Perhaps you’ve already experienced an egg fall, and if not, you can expect it in the future. So what do you do when mystery snail eggs fell in water? Can you … Read more

Mystery Snails Keep Dying? Here Are Some Reasons Why

Why do your mystery snails keep dying? It’s a common issue we hear about from people all over the world who are trying to keep mystery snails in their aquariums. There are a few reasons why your mystery snails might be dying, so I’ll go over them here one by one. Mystery Snails Dying? Here’s … Read more

Do Mystery Snails Eat Plants? Safe For A Planted Tank?

Do mystery snails eat plants? Are they safe for my planted tanks or will they destroy all my hard work? These are common questions people have when they decide to bring these helpful little guys into their aquarium. Mystery Snails (Pomacea bridgesii) may readily eat fish food, but in the wild, they feed on algae, … Read more

Why Are Your Mystery Snails Stuck Together? 2 Main Reasons

Why are your mystery snails stuck together? What does it mean when snails are on top of each other? There are actually several reasons for this. Knowing why they are getting stuck will help you avoid future worries and anxiety when you see it happen again in the future because it will happen, a lot. … Read more

Will Mystery Snails Eat Dead Fish?

Do Mystery Snails Eat Fish? How about dead fish, Will a mystery snail eat dead fish that are left in the tank? Mystery snails are what’s known as opportunistic scavengers and will eat just about anything that won’t walk away. This includes algae, dead plants, and yes, Dead fish. In fact, They are quite ravenous … Read more

11 Mystery Snail Fact’s You Didn’t Know

11 Mystery Snail Fact's You Didn't Know

Mystery snails are fascinating creatures. While one wouldn’t think that snails would be entertaining to watch, They exhibit many fascinating traits and personality that is at times hilarious, and at others, bizarre. So here are 10 interesting mystery snail facts you didn’t know you needed to know! 1. Mystery Snail Shell Growth 1) The shells … Read more