Can You Use Prazipro With Cupramine?

Last Updated on December 23, 2021 by cmoarz

Need to medicate your aquarium and want to know if you can use prazipro with cupramine?

With the increasing number of fish diseases and parasites that can harm or kill aquarium fish, more and more people are turning to medications to help their sick fish.

Unfortunately, some medication treatments can do more harm than good if they aren’t used correctly; this article will give you some important information about using prazipro with cupramine.

Can You Use Prazipro With Cupramine

So, can I use prazipro and cupramine together? Yes! These 2 chemical medications are safe to be used together, However, there are some things you should know before you go ahead and dump them in.

When mixing these 2 medications together there is a solid chance of creating a small bacterial bloom – usually only slight and nothing to worry about – so it is best to monitor your water for this and be ready to perform a large (90%) water change if the bloom gets too large.

A large bacterial bloom can easily kill your fish by zapping out all of the oxygen in your fish tank, so it is important to control this.

Because of the increased chance of bacterial blooms when these 2 medications are mixed together, it’s best to treat with prazipro first before using cupramine; then wait for 24 hours after you have finished treating with prazipro before adding cupramine.

Although such precaution isn’t really necessary if you are monitoring your tank regularly. If you see a large bloom starting to happen, You can do a large water change to reverse the issue.

You should also make sure you add extra oxygen into the tank if you are worried about the bloom killing off your fish; this can be done with an air pump or more aeration from the filter.

Remember to follow all the instructions on both bottles when using them.

Why combine these 2 medications?

The idea behind combining these 2 medications is actually pretty common. It will decrease the amount of time you need to quarantine your fish tank, so you can return your fish back to their home sooner.

It can cut that time down by almost 2 weeks because these 2 medications work so well together for the most part.

The main benefits of using prazipro with cupramine are less stress on the fish and a faster recovery time. Not only will the medicine be more effective, but your fish will feel better much sooner.

So what are you waiting for? Go treat that sick fish!

Remember to remove your active carbon before medicating with prazipro or cupramine

It’s important to remove your active carbon before you start medicating because the charcoal in the active carbon will remove this medication from your water column.

This isn’t a dangerous thing – it just means that the medication won’t be as effective, which is bad news if you’re treating a more serious disease.

You can put the carbon back in when your treatment is over to remove the rest of the meds from the water.

If you have any more questions on using prazipro with cupramine, feel free to leave a comment below and let us know!


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