How Fast Do Common Plecos Grow To Full Size?

How fast do common plecos grow? If you planning on upgrading your tank down the line to accommodate a larger pleco, you’ll want to know an answer to this question. Luckily we have a pretty straightforward answer for you. How fast do common plecos grow? In general, A common pleco can grow between 1/4 inch … Read more

Bristlenose Pleco and Goldfish Do They Make Good Tankmates?

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Do Bristlenose Plecos Eat Plants? Plant Safe?

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Do Bristlenose Plecos Need Driftwood? Safe?

Time to decorate the new bristlenose tank? Plants, check, Substrate? Check. Wait, Do bristlenose plecos need driftwood? It’s an important consideration if you’re trying to provide a natural habitat for your fish. Let’s get started. Does a pleco need driftwood? Yes, Bristlenose plecos and other plecos need driftwood. Plecos enjoy grazing on the wood as … Read more

Can Plecos Get Ich? How To Treat Pleco White Spot

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Why Do My Plecos Always Die And How To Keep Plecos From Dying?

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Do Plecos Shed? Is It Normal My Pleco Is Shedding?

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