Can Plecos Get Ich? How To Treat Pleco White Spot

Can plecos get white spot (ich)? It’s something you might be wondering just because, Or you might be in a situation where you suspect your pleco has ich and now you need to know whether that’s possible or not, and if so, how to treat it. Right off the bat, It’s important to know that … Read more

Do Plecos Shed? Is It Normal My Pleco Is Shedding?

You might have noticed a skin-like coating falling off your pleco and got worried. Trust me, you are not the only one. A lot of fishkeepers have reported seeing their plecos shedding often and wondered if it is normal for plecos to shed. This article will give you a quick answer so you can put … Read more

What Do Pleco Fish Eat?

What Do Pleco Fish Eat?

Plecostomus, commonly known as plecos, is a tropical fish species that originates from the Amazon river. Their natural habitat is South American countries like Brazil, Guyana, and Trinidad and Tobago. Plecos belong to the armored catfish family called Loricariidae, the largest catfish family. Diet of a Pleco Fish A total of over 150 species of … Read more