Can You Use Prazipro With Copper Power?

Last Updated on December 24, 2021 by cmoarz

Can you use prazipro with copper power? It’s a good question to ask and I’m glad you looked it up before doing it.

Can You Use Prazipro With Copper Power?

The answer is technically yes, You can use prazipro with copper power, However, the copper will interact with the prazipro causing a bacterial bloom.

The more the interaction between copper and prazipro is pronounced, The worse the bloom will be.

This can be offset by adding plenty of oxygenation and aeration into the tank and doing a large water change if the bacterial bloom gets too large.

(So be sure to have plenty of aquarium water ready to go, pre-conditioned, and salted in the case of a saltwater aquarium, in case you need it.)

So can I use prazipro and copper power together? Yes, Should you? Questionable. I don’t advise it. In fact, there’s a better alternative:

A Better Alternative

Your better off using General Cure with copper power. It has less of the active ingredient that prazipro does, which means there’s less of a reaction between the copper and the medication.

However, it still maintains its effectiveness which is important when attempting to treat fish.

While there is still a chance of a bacterial bloom, it’s much less pronounced and therefore controllable.

If you have a bacterial bloom, Add Oxygenation and aeration to the tank, Reduce feeding times to one or two small feedings a day.

And as always, Remember to remove any active carbon from your filtration as this will remove any medication you have added to the tank, causing an inability to treat your fish.

If the bloom is truly bad, do a substantial water change of up to 50 percent.

(This can be reduced with smaller or larger water changes depending on how much or little of a bacterial bloom occurred.)

But it’s less likely to be an issue using General Cure as an alternative to Prazipro.

Sometimes It’s The Only Way To Treat Multiple Parasites Or Worms

Unfortunately, if your fish is ill with multiple parasites or worms and you just need to treat it with both medications at the same time, It’s possible to do so cautiously.

Just be sure to monitor the tank closely and be prepared to do those water changes if needed.

You are almost certain to get a bacterial bloom reaction when mixing pazipro and copper power.

Keep aeration and agitation going strong with stones and a powerhead as the copper will react and remove oxygen from the water, as will the bloom itself.

If all goes well you will be able to finish treatment, remove the leftover meds by replacing your carbon, and do normal water changes.

Good luck! Get those fish nice and healthy!


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