Can You Use Play Sand for Aquarium Substrate?

Play Sand Sand for Aquarium Substrate

Saving money is always nice, and play sand is certainly much cheaper than name-brand sands like super naturals and ocean direct. But can you really use play sand for an aquarium substrate without harming your fish? The answer is yes! Not only is it a cheaper alternative, but Most brands are also safe for fish … Read more

Will aquarium gravel raise your pH? Yes, And no.

Will aquarium gravel raise your pH

Keeping your aquarium’s pH and water chemical composition balance can be a pretty tricky and delicate process. Everything you add or do in your aquarium can upset this balance very easily. That’s why it’s important to know what gravels will raise or power your pH so you can adjust things accordingly, Let’s get started. Does … Read more

Putting Maple Leaves in Your Aquarium

Putting Maple Leaves in Your Aquarium

Thinking about adding maple leaves to your aquarium? Leaf litter is a great way to spruce up and add color and life into your tank without having to buy expensive plants. They’re also super beneficial which we will get into in this article. Dried maple leaves are very similar to dried oak leaves and dried … Read more

5 reasons aquarium gravel is ABSOLUTELY necessary!

is aquarium gravel necessary

Aquarium gravel is one of the most important components of any aquarium. It is what creates a natural habitat for fish, it is where plants will grow, and it is what holds much of the beneficial bacteria in your tank together! Without this layer, things would get pretty messy. In fact, without gravel, your tank … Read more

Why you shouldn’t use normal soil in an aquarium

aquarium potting soil

There are a lot of articles out there already explaining how you can actually use normal soil in an aquarium. Let me lay that out for you: Yes, you can use regular potting soils, even soils from your garden, In your aquarium. However, it comes at a price. These soils are often teeming with various … Read more

The five best color gravel for fish tanks

Best color gravel for tanks

If you own an aquarium, gravel stone is an essential component because it has some excellent benefits. They may look like ordinary decorations, but they help the fish with nutrients and helpful bacteria. And they also keep the water healthier because it helps in the filtration process. So what are some of the best color … Read more

Is colored aquarium gravel safe?

A fish in blue colored artificial aquarium pebbles

This is a great question that seemingly has not been addressed often online. I know because I looked it up when I started preparing this article. That in itself is strange given how often I’ve heard it asked before. It’s natural that people would be asking themselves this question. One begs to wonder why it’s … Read more

Picking the correct Aquarium Gravel or Substrate

What you put on the bottom of your aquarium might seem like a small task, Not something you really give much thought too. But the fact is gravel or any other substrate type proves to be absolutely essential when it comes to the cultivation of beneficial bacteria as well as the overall health of your … Read more

Why should I use aquarium gravel in my tank?

Aquarium gravel is fun! It comes packed in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and qualities. And let’s not forget that nostalgic smell (That, with a combination of various species’ poop, is what makes that famous pet store smell!). Poop aside, Aquarium gravel has many important functions and isn’t meant to just look pretty. Filtering … Read more