Why Are My Cichlids Hiding? Is Something Wrong?

If you’ve noticed your cichlids aren’t as active as you would like, you might be wondering why are my cichlids staying at the bottom of the tank? Why are my cichlids hiding all of the time? There are actually a lot of reasons why cichlids will behave this way, and there are things you can … Read more

Do Cichlids Like Current, And Should You Give Them Some?

Want to make your tank as comfortable for your Cichlids as possible? Then you might be wondering if they need current in the tank. In fact, Do Cichlids like current at all? Is it something that’s necessary inside a Cichlid tank? The answer is kind of complicated, so bear with me! Do You Need Current … Read more

Best Frozen Food for African Cichlids By Expert Opinion

Best Frozen Food for African Cichlids By Expert Opinion

It can be an overwhelming task to choose the right frozen foods for your fish. The variety of types and prices can really make it difficult for you to make a choice. So, if you are looking for some fish food suitable for your African Cichlids that is just right in terms of price as … Read more