Is Prazipro Safe for Corydoras And Invertebrates?

Last Updated on December 24, 2021 by cmoarz

Corydoras are one of the most sensitive fish I personally own. I feel like a slight breeze would have them belly up in no time. So when it comes to applying meds to corydoras, it can be a nerve-wracking experience because you never know just how they will react.

So what about prazipro? Is prazipro safe for Cory Catfish? How about invertebrates, the other sensitive friends we often have in our cory tank?

Will prazipro hurt corydoras?

The answer is yes! Prazipro is a very gentle medication for corydoras. As scaleless fish, many things can hurt a cory, But luckily prazipro isn’t one of those things.

As long as you follow the directions, corydoras can handle a full dose of prazipro.

Prazipro has the following active ingredients: Oxybispropanol (Stabilizer) and <5% Praziquantel.

There is always the risk of an overdose of course, and as with anything, overdosing can cause death to any fish including corydoras so dosage is of utmost importance. But in all my years of owning corys, I have never once overdosed any cory with prazipro so overdose is very unlikely even for newbies.

And as always, When medicating an aquarium remember to remove the carbon from your filtration so the medication will have a chance to work.

Carbon will suck up any medications rendering them worthless!

Also, remember to have good aeration in the tank as when the medication is working it’s also depleting oxygen.

It’s not so important for corydoras because they can come to the surface to breathe with their labyrinth organs, However, other fish in the tank should be closely monitored and if there is a lack of oxygen, you will need to rectify it quickly with a stone or powerhead.

Is Prazipro Safe for Invertebrates?

How about the invertebrates we often keep in our corydoras tanks? Our snails and shrimp and everything in between? They certainly carry the largest risk with medications, So what about with prazipro?

Prazipro is safe for all invertebrates. The biggest worry when medicating these sensitive guys is copper. Invertebrates hate copper. It damages them and causes a great deal of pain.

Luckily Prazipro has no copper in the ingredients, meaning it is 100% safe for your invertebrates.

With that said, it’s also safe for reef tanks and plants, so no worries there either. Just avoid use if you have feather dusters as prazipro will kill worms, even the good kinds.

Is Prazipro Safe for Plecos?

Yes, Prazipro is safe for plecos! In fact, Hikari’s own website states that it’s harmless to ALL fish species, even those known to be sensitive or finicky.

This includes discus, plecos, angelfish, koi, barbs, danios, gold’s, anemonefishes, tangs, cardinals and lions, etc.

It’s a gentle medication that’s specifically formulated to target worms.

Again, you want to follow the directions as stated on the bottle before treatment with prazipro.


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