Do Goldfish Get Bored? Yes

Last Updated on August 31, 2022 by cmoarz

Ever wonder if goldfish get bored? Yup. Just like any other pet you may have had, Goldfish do get bored. They live a healthier life if you give them plenty of fish toys, obstacles, plants, and friends to keep their little minds active!

Key Takeaways

  • Goldfish are capable of boredom.
  • You can engage them with your fingers, or toys like caves, Floating and sinking balls, rings, bubble walls, etc.
  • A well-planted tank helps ease boredom.
  • Boredom can lead to a shorter lifespan and loneliness in goldfish.

Goldfish can get bored and that’s a problem

It’s hard to imagine a fish getting bored, but it’s true, and it can lead to all sorts of health and mental problems for your fish.

Boredom is often the result of a lack of stimulation in the tank.

This can be from too little decoration or not enough hiding places. It can also be due to a lack of plants, or not enough places to explore.

Your goldfish needs things to do

Luckily it’s pretty easy to entertain a goldfish. Adding tankmates, or changing up the decorations in their tank can help.

You can also try playing with your goldfish yourself! Goldfish love to be touched, and will often follow your fingers around the tank. (Not all golds will respond to this though).

Toys are another great way to keep your goldfish entertained. There are all sorts of toys made specifically for fish, like floating and sinking balls, rings, and caves.

Finally, plants are a great way to ease boredom in goldfish. Not only do they provide places to explore, but they also help keep the water clean and oxygenated.

Boredom can lead to a shortened lifespan

A bored goldfish is more likely to become sick, and have a shortened lifespan.

This is because boredom often leads to loneliness, and loneliness can cause stress. Stress weakens the immune system, making your goldfish more susceptible to disease.

So if you want your goldfish to live a long and healthy life, make sure to keep them entertained! It’s almost as important as clean water and food.


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