Can Molly and Swordtail Breed? No.

Can Molly and Swordtail Breed

It’s unfortunate that the search engine is so full of autogenerated trash content that it’s difficult to find a decent answer to such important questions. However, the answer is no. Molly and Swordtail cannot breed (at least on their own) because they are too far removed from their mother species. Mollies (Poecilia latipinna) and swordtails … Read more

Will Swordtails Eat Shrimp, Yes, But They Are Still Compatible!

Swordtails being omnivorous will eat shrimplets and shrimp. So if you have a small population of shrimp, they aren’t the best tank mates for each other. But there are ways to overcome this incompatibility and allow both species to thrive in an aquarium. Swordtails aren’t aggressive, but they are opportunistic The big problem here isn’t … Read more