Best Frozen Food for African Cichlids By Expert Opinion

Best Frozen Food for African Cichlids By Expert Opinion

It can be an overwhelming task to choose the right frozen foods for your fish. The variety of types and prices can really make it difficult for you to make a choice. So, if you are looking for some fish food suitable for your African Cichlids that is just right in terms of price as … Read more

Dealing with Red Blotch Disease In Corydoras and Other fish

Red Blotch Disease Corydoras

Red blotch disease in corydoras is fairly common and can be caused by a plethora of things, from a scratch, a bite, a scrape, or even just high nitrate levels. Luckily red blotch disease is super easy to deal with if caught early, and you won’t even need medication or antibiotics. To cure your cory … Read more

Why is my cory catfish swimming at the top of the tank?

Why is my cory catfish swimming at the top of the tank?

If you’re watching your corys and notice some weird behavior where they will jolt up to the top of the tank and back down again, Or even sit at the top of the water, there is a good reason for this behavior. There are actually 2 reasons they do this. The first is common healthy … Read more

This is why your cory catfish is not moving

why is my cory catfish not moving

Sometimes cory catfish just rest at the bottom of the tank, And sometimes it’s an indication of a larger issue that needs to be diagnosed. In this article, you will learn How to tell if your cory catfish is just resting How to diagnose more serious issues The most common reason a cory will stop … Read more

Do cory catfish eat snails and shrimp?

Do cory catfish eat snails and shrimp

You might be thinking since cory’s will eat just about anything, does that mean they will also eat small snails and small shrimp? The answer is no, cory catfish won’t eat snail or shrimp. The only exception is if they are starving, they may turn on very small shrimp or shrimp babies. The reason being, … Read more

What to feed your cory catfish

What to feed your cory catfish

If you’ve just picked up some cory catfish and now need to know what to feed them, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, You will learn: Everything a cory catfish needs in its diet What these bottom of the tank fish like to eat the most How to provide your cory catfish … Read more

Stress Signs in Fish: Symptoms and Solutions

how to tell if your fish is stressed

How to tell if your fish is stressed When fish are stressed out, the symptoms can be pretty blatant. iridic and strange swimming patterns (loop de loops, zigzagging) going up for air at the surface, running to the substrate, rubbing the sides of the tank or rocks, and strange fin behavior are all attributed to … Read more

Fish Swimming At Top Of Tank? Here’s How To Fix It

fish swimming at top of tank

Fish swimming at top of the tank? Even after a water change? The most common reason for this is the lack of dissolved oxygen in the water. When oxygen is low fish will go to the top of the tank to breathe. It’s easy to fix with a simple cheap oxygenator pump and stone. Like … Read more

Guppies Need Heaters, Heres Why

do guppies need a heater

You might or might not be shocked to hear guppies do in fact need a heater. At least, if you’re in a region that doesn’t have a high ambient temperature. With that said, for most of us, a heater is an important accessory for our guppies. But there are some things you should know… Guppies … Read more