Why Are My Cherry Shrimp Disappearing?

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Why are my cherry shrimp disappearing? Where did they go? it’s a common question, especially from new breeders. Missing cherry shrimp are almost as common as missing socks from a dryer. So why did my cherry shrimp disappear?

Why Are My Cherry Shrimp Disappearing?

Cherry shrimp disappear for a variety of reasons, But it’s not like they just poofed out of existence. Things don’t just vanish out of thin air and most likely they are hiding.

Shrimp is one of the best hiders in the aquatic world. They are masters at not being seen. So why are they disappearing in the first place?

They could be hiding from a predator fish, getting ready to breed or they could be molting.

The number one reason cherry shrimp disappear is that they are hiding. They are masters at not being seen and will go to great lengths to avoid being eaten.

Breeding shrimp will also hide when they are carrying eggs.

Molting is another common reason why cherry shrimp disappear. When a shrimp molts, it leaves its old shell behind and grows a new one.

During this time, the shrimp is very vulnerable and will hide until it is strong enough to fend for itself again.

Unfortunately, there are also other less desirable reasons a shrimp will disappear. Mainly getting eaten by fish.

Plecos love to eat shrimp and if the pleco is of a large size, they can gulp down full-grown cherry shrimp in one quick swoop.

Also, remember to check your filter. Sometimes shrimp find a way into the inside of the filter where they will stay, lay eggs, and generally “survive” in peace.

Will Cherry Shrimp Jump Out of the Tank?

Will Cherry Shrimp Jump Out of the Tank?

It’s very uncommon to have a shrimp jump out of the tank. However, if you have any plants or decorations that protrude outside of the tank or above the waterline, the shrimp may climb up to explore.

It is possible for them to fall out of the tank if the decorations are hanging over the side. Make sure you keep your decorations on the inside of the tank to avoid this from happening.

Do Shrimps Hide Underneath Gravel?

Do Shrimps Hide Underneath Gravel?

Shrimp have no interest in burying themselves in the gravel or dirt or even sand. In fact, they are physically unable to do so.

Shrimp do however like to hide in dark places and will often seek refuge under rocks, driftwood, or in plant roots.

If you’re having trouble finding your missing shrimp, try looking in some of these places.

Do Cherry Shrimp Hide at Night?

Do Cherry Shrimp Hide at Night?

Red cherry shrimp are generally considered active both during the night and during the day. They are not nocturnal and will actively swim around in their tank to eat, play, hide, or breed.

In fact, if you sit and watch them at night, you may be able to watch them grazing on algae and playing around like they usually do.

Although cherry shrimp do sleep, it is not typically during any specific time of day. They will just hang around motionless for a bit until they are ready to wake up again.

Sometimes you will even see them sleeping upside down!

This is normal behavior and you don’t need to worry about them.


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