How Many Babies Do Cherry Shrimp Have?

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If you’re looking to start breeding shrimp, whether it be cherry shrimp or any other variety of shrimp, it’s important to know how many babies they can have in order to get your size, food, and water balance estimates right. In this article, we will explain how many babies do cherry shrimp have, and how many babies other species of shrimp also have, as it can vary.

How many babies do cherry shrimp have?

At any one time, a single cherry shrimp will hatch up to 30 baby shrimp. On average, each shrimp will have 15-20 eggs, while the older, larger, and more experienced shrimp can have as many as 30.

How many babies do ghost shrimp have?

Ghost shrimp’s egg numbers vary far more than cherry shrimp. Depending on water quality, temperature, and nutritional levels, oxygenation levels, and the size of the shrimp itself, they can lay between 10 and 80 eggs! Very wide variance which makes it hard to set an average or any valuable future predictions.

How many babies do tiger shrimp have?

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Tiger shrimp can lay between 100-300 eggs a day! They are the most prolific species of fresh water shrimp, and they hatch in about 72 hours after laying their eggs (this can also be as soon as 15 hours in certain circumstances).

How many eggs do Blue tiger shrimp Lay?

Blue tiger shrimp lay between 20-30 eggs. These eggs will take around 3 weeks to hatch.

Blue bolt shrimp

These shrimp will lay 40 eggs give or take every time. It’s heavily based on water temperature.

Crystal red shrimp eggs

Crystal shrimp will lay between 20-30 eggs which will produce around the same amount of babies if all is well. The color of their eggs changes as they get older and is quite fascinating to watch.

Babaulti Shrimp

Babaulti shrimp will lay between 30-50 eggs. These eggs will hatch in about 30 days and produce tiny adult-looking babies.

Panda Shrimp

Female Panda Shrimps will carry 20 or 30 eggs for a gestation period that lasts anywhere from 30 to 35 days.

Snowball Shrimp

Snowball shrimp are fairly fast breeders and will lay around 20 eggs at a time. The period lasts about 30 days and babies should hatch in the next day or so after you see a pair of eyes on the eggs.

Amano Shrimp

Amano Shrimp will lay as many as 1000-3000 eggs at a time and carry them for around 6 weeks.

Cardinal shrimp

The cardinal shrimp will ley about 15 eggs at a time. These will begin to hatch on the 20-day mark give or take.

Bumblebee Shrimp

Bumblebee shrimp will lay 30 eggs at a time with a 3 week hatching period. Just like all shrimp on this list, the hatching times, egg mounts, etc will depend highly on the shrimp’s own environment. Temperature plays a big part in the production of eggs.


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