Why Remove Carbon When Using Melafix, Is It Important?

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Should I remove carbon when using Melafix as the instructions suggest? Why is it so important? Digging through my filter and removing the carbon is such a chore, so is it really necessary?

The instructions for using Melafix suggest removing carbon from the filter before treatment. This is because carbon removes medications from the water, making them ineffective.

Melafix is a medication used to treat bacterial infections in fish, so it is important to make sure it is effective.

If you do not remove the carbon, the medication will be pulled out of the water before it can kill the bacteria infecting your fish.

By removing carbon, you will ensure that the bacteria are killed (assuming that carbon is not reintroduced to the filter), and your fish will get better more quickly.

As for whether or not Melafix requires carbon removal compared to other medications, all medications used in fish tanks should have carbon removed for the same reason. The instructions for each medication should be followed closely in order to ensure that the medication is effective.

In conclusion, it is important to remove carbon from the filter when using Melafix or any other medication in a fish tank. Failure to do so could mean that your fish will not get better and could even die. So remove that carbon and get your fish back to health!

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Can I Use Melafix With Carbon Filter

No, you can’t. The carbon will suck out the “impurities” (aka the medication) out of the water and render it ineffective.

However, You can continue to use any other filter medium that isn’t carbon.

This includes keeping any filter floss or sponges or any other filter medium that isn’t carbon-based in the filter and running the filter as normal.

Sponges and filter floss are not dense and proud enough to remove medications from the water. They mostly act as mechanical filtration, trapping large particles and debris to help keep the water clean.

Should I Remove Carbon Filter When Treating Fish?

You should always remove the carbon component of a filter when treating fish with any medications. Carbon filters are fine when used without medication. However, carbon will act to absorb medications in the water, rendering them mostly ineffective.

By removing the carbon filter and replacing it with some other form of filtering material (such as filter floss or sponges) you can ensure that your fish get the full effect of the medication.

It is also important to follow the instructions for each medication carefully. Each medication has its own set of instructions for use and should be followed closely in order to ensure proper dosage and effectiveness.

In short, you should always remove the carbon filter when treating fish with medications and replace it with some other type of filtering material. Failure to do so could result in ineffective treatment and sick or dying fish. So don’t skip this important step!

What Does Remove Carbon From Filter Mean?

If your filter has a carbon component (Black dust or rocks that reside inside a porous sack) that bit should be removed temporarily. You can either replace it with an aquarium sponge or filter floss, Or you can cut the carbon bag and remove the carbon rocks and replace the bag.

Just set aside the carbon for re-use later.

When you’re done treating your fish remove the carbon again and re-install it to your filter. Done, That’s all there is to it!

Should I Turn off Filter When Medicating Fish?

It’s not necessary to turn off your filter when treating fish with medication. Just remove the carbon component of the filtration system and replace it with sponges or filter floss. Then continue to run your filter as normal.

Carbon has no other function besides chemical filtration, so removing it allows you to keep the rest of the filtration system running while medicating your fish. This ensures that your fish are getting clean water even while being treated for an illness, which will help them get better faster.

The mechanical filtration will continue to do its job without the carbon component, and the medication will be able to circulate through the tank without being absorbed by the carbon.


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