Storing water for aquarium use, How and Why?

Storing water for aquarium

Storing water for an aquarium is always a good idea. There are a lot of reasons why you would want to do that, Such as dechlorination, easy access, Temperature control, etc. Before you start storing water, there are some things you are going to need to consider before setting up a storage system. But first, … Read more

Java Moss Turning Brown? Why and a Solution

Java Moss Turning Brown

Java Moss, not to be confused as Christmas Moss (Xmas Moss) is one of the most popular and easy-to-maintain aquarium mosses across the globe. For good reason. It grows everywhere. On river banks, tree trunks, most areas in the warmer Southeast Asia especially. New growth always tends to be near water flow with good water … Read more

Melafix, side effects, Overdose and Uses

melafix side effects

Mealafix is a general antibiotic used to treat aquarium fish for various bacterial infections and bacterial growth. Although technically it isn’t an “antibiotic”, the main ingredient, Melaleuca, has antibacterial properties. 1.0% Melaleuca (Cajeput or ‘Tea Tree’ Oil) is in Melafix. If this is the first time you’ve medicated your aquarium, Or used API Melafix, and … Read more

How to grow duckweed For Personal Use And Profit

How to grow duckweed For Personal Use And Profit

In some circles, Duckweed is considered an invasive plant. In others, it’s a valuable commodity, source of protein, water cleaning, and habitat. This article focuses on the latter And will teach you all about how to grow and care for duckweed for profit. This aquatic species, Sometimes known as one of the smallest flowering plants … Read more

Do Guppies Tails Grow Back When Damaged?

do guppies tails grow back

It’s inevitable for all guppy owners at some point or another. Eventually, your guppy’s tail will be damaged, either from a filter or from another aggressive fish or aquarium fish or even fin rot. The same can be said for fins and tails. All things heal with time- But do guppies tails grow back? The … Read more

8 Essentials For Setting Up A Propper Box Turtle Habitat

Box turtle habitat

This article will focus on eastern box turtles, and not the western ornate box turtle or the desert box turtle. Check here and here respectively to see our guides on those turtles as they require a much different habitat. The eastern box turtle has many different varieties. Three-toed box turtle, Gulf Coast box turtle, Florida … Read more

Can Turtles Breathe Underwater? The Answer Isn’t What You Expected

Can Turtles Breathe Underwater

It’s an interesting subject. There are so many varieties of turtles, such as sea turtles, box turtles, painted turtles, snapping turtles. But none of them have gills. So can turtles breathe underwater? The question has a fascinating answer actually. Can turtles breathe underwater? Yes and No. Outside of hibernation, Turtles come to the surface for … Read more

Corydoras Breeding: How Often Do Cory Catfish Lay Eggs?

How often do cory catfish lay eggs

Have you considered breeding your corydoras (armored catfish)? There’s a lot of information available to help you get started for sure., Did you know that Cory catfish come in around 150 distinct species, with their own set of characteristics and breeding requirements? That’s a lot of information to sift through. Especially just to get generic … Read more

6 Things You Need In A Proper Pacman Frog Setup

6 Things You Need In A Proper Pacman Frog Setup

Pacman frogs are some of the cutest most adorable frogs in my opinion. They make great pets for anyone looking to start having frogs. But before you go out and buy one, it’s important to know what the Pacman frogs require in their enclosure to be as close to their natural environment as possible. So … Read more

Are Pacman Frogs Poisonous? The Truth Will Surprise you

Are Pacman Frogs Poisonous

Pacman frogs (Aka South American horned frog) are a very popular species of aquarium pet that’s only growing in popularity. Because of this growth of popularity, Humans have started breeding them in captivity which means we get all sorts of amazing varieties, such as the strawberry Pacman frog, Albino Pacman frog, the blue Pacman frog, … Read more