How Many Cory Catfish in a 29 Gallon Tank? 12

It’s a pretty straightforward number. You should not have more than 12 cory catfish in a 29 gallon tank. This will allow your fish to have plenty of room to swim and explore their environment without feeling cramped. However, there are a few things you should consider when adding this many fish to your tank. … Read more

This Is Why Your Cory Cats Keep Hiding

Corydoras are one of my favorite fish to have in my aquarium. They are also one of the first fish I ever got when I started aquarium keeping. When you first start taking care of corys in a tank, it’s important to see the signs of stress and/or illness so you can take care of … Read more

Do Otocinclus Eat Hair Algae? Not Really!

You may have heard people say that Otos are good at eating algae and other things off of aquarium glass. So do otocinclus eat hair algae? No, unfortunately, they do not. They may nibble on it a bit, but they will not do any serious damage to it. The truth is, otos eat a large … Read more

Water Clarifier Killed My Fish? Here’s Why

Stirring up the substrate, especially dirty or powdery substrate, can release a lot of cloudiness into the water. Most people first think to grab a water clarifier and dump some into the tank to help settle the particles. But wait, the Water clarifier killed my fish? What happened?! This stuff is supposed to be nontoxic … Read more

How Long Do Aquarium Heaters Last In a Fish Tank?

There’s a good chance you are reading this article because you are having issues with your fish tank heater. How long do aquarium heaters last anyway? In general, About 3 to 5 years. The truth is, Most quality heaters will last for a very long time. They have no moving parts and are very simple … Read more

Does Crushed Coral Raise PH? Absolutely

Many aquarium owners do not have access to suitable water straight from a tap for their aquarium. Often, these waters are too soft or acidic for the animals they wish to keep. Fortunately, there are many products on the market that can be used to raise the hardness and alkalinity of water, making it more … Read more

55 vs 75 Gallon Aquarium, Which Should You Choose?

Choosing the right aquarium for your home or office is a big decision. There are many factors to consider, such as cost, size, and type of fish you want to keep. Two of the most popular sizes are 55 gallon and 75 gallon tanks. So, which one should you choose? We say 75, but… Here … Read more

Cat Litter for Aquarium Substrate or Is It Toxic?

Someone asked me if cat litter would be a good option for their aquarium substrate and if it was safe. I thought that was a really interesting question. Why would someone want to use cat litter for aquarium substrate? Well, for one thing, it’s cheap! You can get 25lbs of the stuff for only a … Read more