Java Moss Carpet On Sand? Is It Possible? Yes!

Moss is a beautiful and versatile plant that can be used to decorate many different types of surfaces. One of the most popular applications for java moss is in aquariums, where it can be used to create a natural-looking carpet on the bottom of the tank. But what if you want to grow java moss … Read more

Cory Catfish Died Suddenly? Here’s Why It May Have Happened

Nothing sucks more than waking up one morning only to discover your Cory Catfish has died. But often enough there are no apparent reasons why this may have happened. So why did your cory catfish die suddenly? If it makes you feel any better, Cories dying suddenly is not uncommon. Most of these reported deaths … Read more

Do Color Changing Lights Bother Fish, Cause Stress?

We’ve all seen those cool colorful LED lights that you can buy to put in your fish tank. They are quite popular these days and go right along with the ‘LED in everything’ fad. But have you ever wondered if those bright, changing, or flashing lights bother fish? Do they cause stress? There are several … Read more

Fish Fasting, Why People Do It And Why You Should Too

You may have heard the term fish fasting being thrown around in the hobby and might be confused as to why we fast our fish on occasion. There are actually several reasons fish fasting is done and it’s a practice that can be beneficial for your fish. Reasons why fish fasting is incorporated into your … Read more

Can Amazon Puffers Live With Guppies and Other Slow Movers?

Some people have expressed interest in having amazon puffers with tank mates such as guppies, corydoras, and angels, But most specifically guppies. Can amazon puffers live with guppies and other slow swimming fish, or is it a bad idea? Amazon Puffer size and temperament To know how amazon puffers will react to other fish, we … Read more

Corydoras Laying on Side? Why And What To Do About It

It’s absolutely frightening the first time you see one of your Corydoras laying on its side at the bottom of the tank. Even an experienced and long-time owner of corydoras can be caught off-guard by this strange behavior, which can seem to come out of nowhere. So, what’s going on and what should you do … Read more

Is API Super Ick Cure Safe for Plants?

Thinking of using some API super ick cure in your aquarium? It’s important to know how it will affect everything in your tank, including your plants. So, does ICH medicine kill plants? Specifically, is API super ick cure safe for plants? In most cases, ich medication is not harmful to plants. It’s built specially to … Read more

How Fast Do Common Plecos Grow To Full Size?

How fast do common plecos grow? If you planning on upgrading your tank down the line to accommodate a larger pleco, you’ll want to know an answer to this question. Luckily we have a pretty straightforward answer for you. How fast do common plecos grow? In general, A common pleco can grow between 1/4 inch … Read more