How To Prevent New Stem Plants From Dying in 3 Easy Steps

Looking to add more stem plants in your aquarium but find they seem to die too easily? There are a few tricks involved in keeping stem plants alive during the transition period. These 3 easy steps have helped countless aquarists get their stem plants to thrive and ensure that your new stem plants have a … Read more

Java Moss Carpet On Sand? Is It Possible? Yes!

Moss is a beautiful and versatile plant that can be used to decorate many different types of surfaces. One of the most popular applications for java moss is in aquariums, where it can be used to create a natural-looking carpet on the bottom of the tank. But what if you want to grow java moss … Read more

How to grow duckweed For Personal Use And Profit

How to grow duckweed For Personal Use And Profit

In some circles, Duckweed is considered an invasive plant. In others, it’s a valuable commodity, source of protein, water cleaning, and habitat. This article focuses on the latter And will teach you all about how to grow and care for duckweed for profit. This aquatic species, Sometimes known as one of the smallest flowering plants … Read more