Can African dwarf frogs eat freeze-dried bloodworms?

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The answer is dwarf frogs can eat freeze-dried bloodworms. There are, however, numerous challenges associated with freeze-dried bloodworms.  If you have around 2 to three frogs in a tank with many other fish (a community tank), you will notice that the fish start darting at food dropped into the tank. Dwarf frogs, on the other hand, are not built for quickly darting around like other fish in the tank. They prefer food kept near them instead of having to jostle and compete with other fish.

Freeze-dried bloodworms stay suspended in water for a longer time.

The other major challenge is that freeze-dried bloodworms stay afloat on the water like fish flakes. It is ideal for the top and middle feeder but not a bottom feeder like African dwarf frogs.  Your frog would be lucky to even have a nibble at it before it reaches the bottom. Freeze-dried bloodworms also take longer to disintegrate and settle at the bottom of a tank.

Preparing freeze-dried bloodworms.

If you have just a few fish and just a couple of African dwarf frogs in a large tank, you could try preparing the freeze-dried bloodworms before putting them into the tank. Take out a little water from the tank in a small dish. Put the freeze-dried bloodworms in the dish for it to absorb the water or hydrate. You can also try poking at it with a sharp object to make it hydrate faster.

Hydrating freeze-dried bloodworms before putting them inside a tank helps them to settle to the bottom of the tank, where African dwarf frogs generally feed most of the time.

Direct the freeze-dried bloodworms to your frogs.  

Another innovative method you can contemplate is to poke the freeze-dried bloodworms with a wire and inserting it into the tank where the frogs are at the bottom. You would notice that once they are aware of its presence, they would slowly start tugging and nibbling at it.  After the frogs have had their fill, you may take out the leftover.

Using a petri dish.

In the case of a community tank where other fish outnumber the frogs by a significant margin, a petri-dish might not help. However, if there are fewer fish and frogs in a tank, you can try placing a petri dish near the frog (s) and then prodding it by tapping the sides of the tank.  Petri dishes also prevent the food from mixing with the gravel and ensure more comfortable cleaning.


In a nutshell, your frogs will eat freeze-dried bloodworms, but it can be a hassle. The ideal diet for you frogs are frozen blood worms and black worms as they do not disintegrate quickly and settle to the bottom of the tank faster. You should consider the size and opt for the micro pellets for frogs available in pet stores when buying pellets.

Overfeeding is another mistake people new to rearing fish make. The key is in feeding it just the right amount.  Overfeeding can do more harm to your aquatic critters than underfeeding them. Lastly, make sure you perform a 25 percent water change weekly to keep the tank fresh.


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