How To Breed And Care For Siamese Algae Eater Fish

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If you are an aquarist, you may know by now that maintaining the aquarium free of algae is annoying and difficult. The algae are generally harmless, but no one wants to have a dirty aquarium.

What is the easiest solution? A Siamese algae eater fish. These active and social fish will help you in keeping your tanks clean and healthy by eating algae.

Brief background of Siamese algae eaters

Scientific name: Crossocheilusoblongus or crossocheilussiamensis

Family: Cyprinidae

The Siamese algae eater is a freshwater fish species found originally in Southeast Asia, including Chao Praya, the Mekong basins of Thailand and Cambodia, and the Malay peninsula.

They usually live in fast-moving waters like streams and rivers. The water they habitat is well oxygenated that has a neutral to slightly acidic pH level. These delightful creatures can grow up to a span of six inches in length. These fish can live up to 10 years under proper care.

Ideal tank and water requirements for Siamese algae eaters

When you are setting up your tank, you should try to replicate the Siamese algae eater’s natural environment. Plants such as bolitis, amazon swords, anubias, anacharis, hornwort, and java fern are best suited for these fish.

The water’s optimal temperature is between 75 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit (23.8 – 27.7 degrees Celsius). The Siamese algae eater prefers slightly acidic waters that have a pH between 6.0 and 8.0. Since the Siamese algae eater lives mostly at the bottom of the tank, try to use sand as a substrate for them to swim safely.

The tank must have a minimum water capacity of 20 gallons (75.70 liters) for a single Siamese algae eater. However, you must add 10 gallons (37.85 liters) of water for each additional Siamese algae eater.

Breeding of Siamese algae eaters

Although you can breed Siamese algae eater fish at your home aquarium, it is incredibly challenging to do so. It is also difficult to distinguish the sex of the fish until they are about three to four years old. Full-grown female Siamese algae eater fish are around 30% larger than their male counterparts.

The commercial farm uses hormones to breed these fish successfully. Due to hormones, the fish farmers can keep up with the steady supply of these fish to the pet stores.

Outside the setting of a fish farm, aquarists and experts alike have been unsuccessful in breeding the fish at their home aquarium.


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Siamese algae eater fish do require some of your attention and devotion as they litter quite a lot. But if your fish tank is continuously filled with algae, adding a Siamese algae eater to your tank will be beneficial to you.

With the addition of a Siamese algae eater, you do not have to waste your time cleaning the fish tank. Also, these fish will add beauty and activity to your aquarium. Just make sure that the tank is filled with plenty of plants and light substrates at the tank’s bottom.

The Siamese algae eater is also arguably one of the best algae cleaners. These fish make an excellent choice for aquarists at the beginner and expert hobbyists alike.


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