Can African dwarf frogs eat betta food?

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You may have heard of  ‘frog in a well’- an expression for someone who has not seen the world beyond current surroundings. The African dwarf frog is, however, ‘a frog in a tank’. It lends to your tank that element of intrigue.  If you are uncertain whether an African dwarf frog and betta fish can live in the same tank, the answer is yes, and they make an interesting pair in your fish tank. More importantly, they have the same diet.

An interesting pair

The average size of a betta fish is 2.25 to 2.50 inches, and the average size of an African dwarf frog is 2.5 inches. Like other fish, the betta fish can survive only in an aquatic environment, but the African dwarf frog is amphibious. However, the African dwarf frog lives its entire life in water and will die out of it.

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The same environment and food

Apart from being almost the same size, the African dwarf frog and the betta fish thrive in water. The duo also has the same food habits, and they can share the tank just like roommates happily coexist.

Let us now take a look at the dietary requirements of the African dwarf frog and betta fish.

An African dwarf frog and betta fish’s diet primarily consists of frozen Mysis, Brine shrimp, and Bloodworms. In the case of betta fish, there are also pellets available in the aquarium store if you want to ensure your pet fish gets the complete nutrition.

So Can African dwarf frogs eat betta food? Yes they can.

Even dwarf frogs can eat pellets.

While pellets are primarily meant to feed fish, the African dwarf frog can also eat pellets provided they sink to the bottom faster. Micro pellets that do not disintegrate soon and settle at the bottom more quickly are ideal for you African dwarf frogs.

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Make sure you see them while feeding them.

Unlike pellets, the Brine shrimp and Bloodworm may take longer to settle to the fish tank’s bottom. If the African dwarf frog is at the bottom of the tank, there are chances the betta fish might end up eating more than its required quota depending on how fast it can dart around and scoop up food.

If the dwarf frog has missed out during feeding time, you may consider live blood worms or frozen black worms as they do not disintegrate fast in water and provide your dwarf frog high protein.

Feeding the right amount of food.

It is also important to feed pets the right amount of food.  Excess food can create a mess in the water tank as leftovers generally stay afloat or settle at the bottom of the tank and lead to ammonia issues.

Two to three pellets are generally considered the right amount per fish or frog. In case of Bloodworms, if can consider feeding them lesser amounts.

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Maintaining the right tank temperature.

Both African dwarf frogs and betta fish prefer warmer water temperatures.  While African dwarf frogs thrive in temperatures between 68 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit (20 to 26 degrees Celsius), betta fish prefer approximately 74 degrees Fahrenheit or about 23 degrees Celsius. The ideal temperature for both your betta fish and African dwarf frog is between 74 and 78 Fahrenheit (around 23 Celsius).

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