Will Different Types of Corydoras School Together?

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Will different corydoras school together in the same tank? That’s a question many new corydoras owners ask themselves when they are purchasing cories.

There are so many amazing-looking and cute varieties to choose from that the thought of owning several different types is definitely tempting. However, some people are very hesitant to purchase certain varieties due to fear of them not getting along with each other.

So, can they be kept together? Which cories can be kept together? That’s what I’m going to discuss here today!

Will different types of cories school together in the same tank?

The answer to this question is complicated. It’s not an ideal situation. By chance, different species of corydoras will have a similar temperament and get along fine in the same tank.

This also means from time to time they may school together. But because they are different species, their mannerisms and social interactions tend to be different from one another.

Cories prefer to school with their own species. Bronze with bronze, panda with panda, etc.

So while you may see the occasional schooling happen between species, you will most likely see their school with their own type more often.

Cories will separate into their own species groups and leave outsiders out.

They will also be much more active with other members of their own species period. In fact, As an example, A single bronze corydoras in a tank with 10 panda cories would be fairly excluded from any social interaction.

They will go off on their own in an isolated corner of the tank and start mopping around and generally be stressed out which isn’t good for their long-term health.

So while, on occasion corydoras of different species can school and play together, For the most part, it’s not going to happen and you should consider getting at least 6 of the same species of corydoras to form a shoal.

Can You Have Different Corydoras Together?

Can you keep different corydoras together? Yes! Assuming you have enough of each species type (6 minimum each) you can have different species of cories together in the same tank.

Just be sure the tank is large enough to house all the shoaling fish so they have plenty of room to themselves, and to swim around in large groups without banging into each other and the glass of the tank.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the different species won’t always want to be near each other.

Because of this, It’s important to give them their own spaces to hide under or rest underneath. An example of this would be a plant or decoration that’s large enough for half a dozen cories to remain underneath in the shade of darkness.

Cories do love to be in the dark and are actually more active at night than during the day.

Each species should have it’s own isolated hiding spot for when they want to get away from the others.

So, if you’re wanting to keep different types of corydoras together in the same tank, make sure to provide lots of plants and decor so they can have their own space, as well as a large enough tank for them all to swim around in without overcrowding.

WARNING!: Just because they can live together doesn’t always make it a good idea. Certain subspecies of corydoras can interbreed with each other which can cause all sorts of genetic abnormalities as well as weak stock in the aquarium hobby.

This should be avoided when at all possible unless you are a professional breeder who knows what they are doing – As culling will be a big part of that job.

Will Bronze and Albino Corydoras School Together?

Albinos are unique in the way they socialize. One could say they are fairly sporadic at times, Easily joining in with other species, while also sometimes being excluded from any group activity.

So occasionally albino corydoras will school with bronze cories, but more often than not they will be off on their own or just with other albinos.

If you intend on having both in the same tank, you should be sure to get enough Albinos so they aren’t alone and have some friends to shoal with.


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