Is Eco Complete Okay for Corydoras? Is It Safe?

Last Updated on December 9, 2021 by cmoarz

Looking for some new substrate for your corydoras tank and eco complete has caught your eye? Now you need to know if it’s safe for their delicate barbell mouthpieces?

While eco complete can be a relatively sharp substrate, It’s ok for corydoras and shouldn’t harm their barbells. Most barbell damage comes from heavy porous substrates that cause ripping and tearing. Sand is still better.

Is Eco Complete Bad for Corydoras?

As far as “bad”, No. It’s not bad for them. But it’s not ideal either. Corydoras and other bottom dwellers prefer a softer substrate to protect their barrels and make it easier for them to dig around for food.

They do this by sifting the sand through their mouthparts. If you watch closely you can see them inhale the sand, and spew it out the back of their mouths.

They filter out the edible foods while removing the sand from their mouths. This is what creates those interesting patterns corydoras leave behind in the sand.

They can’t do this effectively with eco complete, and while they will survive and generally be fine, they won’t thrive in this substrate.

You can mix eco complete with another substrate like sand to make it more comfortable for your corys, but they will still prefer a softer bottom to truly thrive.

The sand will also eventually sink beneath the Eco complete which will make it inaccessible to your fish.

So is eco complete safe for corydoras? Yes, it is safe. But it’s not the best choice for their needs.

Is Eco Complete Safe for Fish?

What about other fish? Is echo completely safe for them too?

Yes, in most cases it is safe for fish. It’s also safe for a variety of other creatures like shrimp and other bottom feeders.

The only thing that might not like it is snails. They tend to be relatively picky about what they like to crawl on. They prefer smooth substrates, But not too find as sand would be.

Eco complete might be a bit too sharp for your snails, But overall it shouldn’t hurt them.

Is Eco-Complete Safe for Bottom Dwellers?

Eco complete is safe for most bottom dwellers. While it’s not as smooth as sand, it’s not sharp like most gravel.

It’s also made to be an effective tank substrate, which is what you want in a bottom dweller habitat.

So while bottom dwellers would probably still prefer sand or something softer, Eco complete won’t hurt them while they glide along the bottom with their bellies dragging behind them.

You shouldn’t expect them to get cut up or anything like that.

In conclusion, eco complete is safe for corydoras and most other bottom dwellers. While it’s not the best choice for their needs, they will survive and be relatively healthy in it. Just don’t expect them to thrive the way they would in a softer substrate.


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