Can Corydoras Get White Spot Like Other Fish?

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White spot can be a scary thing to see on any fish. You may ask yourself, “Can Corydoras get white spot?” and worry about your corydoras getting sick.

The truth is, Yes, Corydoras can get white spot. As sensitive scaleless fish, they can be hard to treat, But there are some options such as protozin which can safely treat white spot ich in cories.

The biggest problem with treating scaleless fish like corydoras is their sensitivity to most medications. However, they can still be treated for most diseases with more specialized medications.

In this case, Protozin has been shown to work really well for corydoras without messing with anything else in the tank.

Unlike other white spot medications, it’s not hard on the cory’s gills and can be used in any tank size.

It will also prevent the white spot from spreading to other tank mates in the aquarium which could easily come in contact with the sick corydoras.

If you are seeing white spot on your corydoras, it is best to treat them as soon as possible. Waiting too long can result in the disease being harder to cure and even death in some cases.

You can also treat ich without medications by bumping the temperature of the tank to 86F for about a week. Do plenty of gravel vac’s to pick up any ich parasite hatchlings the entire time.

You can also add aquarium salt to your freshwater aquarium. Salt dosage will depend on the types of other fish you have in your aquarium and can range from 1 tablespoon per gallon to 1 tablespoon per 5 gallons. Be sure to get it right.

Why Does My Catfish Have White Spots?

Why does your catfish have white spots? White spot, also known as ich, is a common disease that many fish are exposed to. It’s highly contagious and can be difficult to treat in some cases.

Ich is really common in the aquarium hobby. In fact, It’s been shown that most aquariums around the world have ich parasites. This even goes for large commercial aquariums.

Because of this, it’s easy to pick up ich and bring it into your tank. It could have been from an infected plant, substrate, aquarium decoration, or another fish from the pet store.

In fact, 95% of the time, any fish you purchase at the pet store is already infected with ich.

The best time to deal with ich is before you know it’s present in the fish itself by making use of quarantine tanks and medications before introducing new fish to a tank.

Once you see white spots on your fish, the ich has already taken hold which will make it harder to treat.

Why Is My Cory Catfish Turning White?

Corydoras can start to lose their color and turn a pale white if they are stressed out or sick. Most commonly this will happen after moving a fish into a new aquarium as this is a stressful event for a cory.

If your cory catfish is turning white due to stress, It should slowly turn back to normal once the stressor is removed and it becomes acclimated to the new environment.

If the whiteness persists, you should check your water parameters to be sure nothing is amiss. Then check for signs of illness.


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