Do Danios Have to Be In a School? Are Danios Schooling Fish?

Do danios have to be in a school to be happy and are they even considered a schooling fish to begin with? These are questions many danio owners ask when looking for how many they need to stock their tanks with. The answer is actually complex. Are danios schooling fish? By definition, Danios ARE schooling … Read more

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Do Zebra Danios Have Scales

Do zebra danios have scales? You might need this information if you’re looking to treat them with certain medications due to the fact that some medications can’t be used on armored, rather than scaled fish. Yes, Zebra danios, along with all other cyprinids (i.e. goldfish, koi, barbs) do have scales. You can see them if … Read more

Can Hermit Crabs Get Ich?

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Can You Use Aquarium Gravel for Hermit Crabs?

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Are Guppies Bottom Feeders

Guppies are adorable quirky little fish. I consider them the puppies of the fish world the way they approach your hand and show a lot of curiosity. Just like puppies, they can also be trained (on purpose or accidentally) to do some strange things, like feeding off the bottom of the tank. But are guppies … Read more

Do Corydoras Play Dead And How To Tell If They Are Dead

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