Do Pea Puffers Jump? Can They Jump Out Of Open Aquariums?

Last Updated on February 9, 2022 by cmoarz

You might be wondering if you need to buy or make a cover for your pea puffer aquarium just in case they jump outright? So pea puffers jump even? Is it even something you need to be concerned about to begin with?

This article will try and answer these questions.

Do pea puffers jump out of open aquariums?

Just like everything in the world, Things do happen. There have been incidents where other aquarists have experienced a pea puffer jumping out of their non-covered aquariums.

But wait! Before you go out and buy a cover, there are some things you need to be aware of first, as well as the odds of this happening.

Can they jump out of open aquariums?

Physically, Pea puffers are capable of building enough swimming speed underwater to propel themselves up (aka jumping).

They are very strong swimmers and, while capable, doesn’t mean they are going to!

It’s very rare for a puffer to jump. In fact, If you ask most puffer keeps, they will have never seen a puffer attempt to jump out of their tank (I have asked my peers to confirm this!).

In the rare circumstances that this has happened, there was a bigger factor at play. Factors that can influence or increase the chances of a puffer jumping.

Factors That Make Pea Puffers More Likely To Jump Out Of The Aquarium

Here are some factors you need to be aware of. You should carefully consider them before deciding against getting covers for your aquariums.

Water quality. If the water is absolutely unbearable for the pea puffer, It may attempt to jump out. Having extremely clean water is not necessary, But having dangerously dirty water increases the chance of jumping.

Fear. Pea puffers aren’t jumpy fish that scare easily. In fact, it takes quite a bit to get a pea puffer concerned with its own safety.

Something seriously needs to be wrong to spook a pea puffer to the point where it tries to jump out of the tank, But it can happen.

Avoid anything that might spook your pea puffer, including housing it with large predators that might chase it out of the tank (literally).

Is it something you need to be concerned about to begin with?

Bottom line, If your puffer is happy, healthy, in good water, has a good appetite and isn’t afraid, you shouldn’t worry about it jumping!

Pea puffers are not fish that look for trouble. If your tank is large enough to keep a pea puffer happy and healthy, and the water is good, the chances of it attempting to jump out should be very low.

But if you are still worried about it jumping, Keep your tank covered. It’s not hard to do anyway and it’s a pretty standard thing for most fish tanks.


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