Methylene Blue Overdose, Possible To Use Too Much In a Tank?

Methylene blue, also known as methylthioninium chloride, and Methylene blue dye. If you have fish then you’ve undoubtedly heard of this medication before on various youtube channels and recommendations as a treatment for various fish ailments. But is it really safe? Can methylene blue kill fish if it’s overused? What kind of Methylene blue side … Read more

Can you have too many airstones in your aquarium?

Can you have too many airstones in your aquarium

Ever been sitting in front of your aquarium lost in a deep trance watching your fish swim about the tank, where seemingly out of nowhere you suddenly start wondering if you’ve got enough airstones? Are my fish getting enough oxygen? What about too many airstones? Is it possible to have too much aeration in a … Read more

Stress coat overdose, Can It Happen?

Stress coat overdose, Can It Happen

So you want to start using API stress coat or API Pond stress coat in your aquarium or pond and need to know what happens if you screw it up, right? This article will put your mind at ease! We will explain what happens during a stress coat overdose, If it’s even possible, And what … Read more

Storing water for aquarium use, How and Why?

Storing water for aquarium

Storing water for an aquarium is always a good idea. There are a lot of reasons why you would want to do that, Such as dechlorination, easy access, Temperature control, etc. Before you start storing water, there are some things you are going to need to consider before setting up a storage system. But first, … Read more

Melafix, side effects, Overdose and Uses

melafix side effects

Mealafix is a general antibiotic used to treat aquarium fish for various bacterial infections and bacterial growth. Although technically it isn’t an “antibiotic”, the main ingredient, Melaleuca, has antibacterial properties. 1.0% Melaleuca (Cajeput or ‘Tea Tree’ Oil) is in Melafix. Warning: Not to be confused with Melafix Pond which contains a whopping 5.0% Melaleuca. This … Read more

How to Make Aquarium Plant Fertilizer DIY Style

How to Make Aquarium Plant Fertilizer DIY Style

Aquarium plant fertilizer is an important part of fish tank setup, maintenance, and management when you are keeping live plants in your aquarium. Aquatic plants often can’t survive on fish waste alone and need a good aquarium fertilizer to promote strong growth and green leaves. Learning how to make aquarium plant fertilizer yourself will save … Read more