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Is API Super Ick Cure Safe for Plants?

Is API Super Ick Cure Safe for Plants?

Last Updated on March 1, 2022 by cmoarz

Thinking of using some API super ick cure in your aquarium? It’s important to know how it will affect everything in your tank, including your plants. So, does ICH medicine kill plants? Specifically, is API super ick cure safe for plants?

In most cases, ich medication is not harmful to plants. It’s built specially to target protozoan parasites capable of causing ich, and doesn’t affect other forms of life in the tank.

API super ick cure specifically is ok to use in heavily planted tanks without harming the plants. I’ve personally used it and also have told others to use it with similar results.

However, if you’re using another form of ich medication, it’s always best to check with the manufacturer to be sure that it is safe for aquatic plants.

API super ick cure ingredients

The only ingredients API ick cure contains are Malachite green (7.2g) and Nitrofurazone (120mg).

These ingredients aren’t known for causing any significant issues with plants. Malachite green is a copper-based medication that’s been used for many years to treat ich and other parasites. Nitrofurazone is a fairly new ingredient in the fish-keeping world, but it’s also considered safe for plants.

These two ingredients work together to quickly and effectively treat ich, without harming plants or other forms of life in the tank.

Is API super ick cure safe for humans?

For use in none edible fish, it’s a fantastic product.

However, It’s been banned for human consumption and labeled carcinogenic and mutagenic in the united states.

That means it should only be used in aquarium pet fish and not fish intended for human consumption.

Humans should not ingest this product.

You should also avoid eye contact and direct skin contact when possible out of an abundance of safety considerations.

Overall, when it comes to using API super ick cure in your tank, you can feel confident that it won’t harm your plants. The ingredients are safe for both fish and plants, and it’s been proven to be an effective treatment for ich. Just be sure to follow the instructions closely and keep any contact with the product to a minimum.


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