Will Snails Eat Fish Eggs? List of Snail Species Not To Keep Around Your Eggs

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Ever wonder will snail eat fish eggs? Well, that question is actually quite large because there are so many varieties and species of snails and each one is unique.

They all have different temperaments, dietary needs, and foods of choice. So there is no such thing as a definitive answer that encompasses all of these snails.

However, We can dive deeper into each of the common aquarium snails species and list those that might or most likely will eat your fish eggs as well as some of the snail species that are on the safer side.

Pond Snail

In general, pond snails aren’t as interested in fish eggs as other snails would be on this list. That doesn’t mean they won’t eat them, especially rotting dead or infertile eggs.

But for the most part, the only thing a pond snail will be interested in is the algae that might stick to the eggs. This can make it looks like they are actually eating them and can be very frightening.

And it should be. It’s very possible for the snail to accidentally damage the eggs it’s gazing upon.

Do Ramshorn Snails Eat Fish Eggs

The problem with ramshorn snails is “ramshorn” is used for a large variety of snail species. So this specially caters to the common European ramshorn planobarius. (Red and brown).

This ramshorn snail will not eat fish eggs if it’s not rotten or dead. However, if the fish egg has already died then it may try to consume it.

So basically no, ramshorn snails do NOT eat living fish eggs.

Now with that said, If a ramshorn is hungry enough (Starving) it will attempt to eat even a live egg in order to survive.

So when you start your breeding tank, it’s probably best to keep ramshorn snails well fed to avoid any issues.

Dwarf ramshorn snail

Dwarf ramshorns are generally the same as larger ramshorn species (planobarius) in that they will not eat live fish eggs, but they will graze them for algae.

They also tend to crawl over and slime them up which could potentially cause abnormal fungal growth to the eggs.

Do Mystery Snails Eat Fish Eggs

This one is going to be a coin toss. Sometimes they do eat live fish eggs and sometimes they do not. It comes down to the species of fish eggs in question and the appetite of the snail.

They definitely eat dead or rotting or infertile eggs.

Mystery snails come in many varieties and while some may eat fish eggs, others may not. So you just have to wait and see how it goes with your mystery snail if they do or don’t.

If you do notice your mystery is starting to eat your eggs, it’s probably best to either remove the snail to its own tank while the eggs hatch or place the eggs in a hatchery (which you should be doing anyway for maximum hatch rate).

Do Apple Snails Eat Fish Eggs

Apple snails are gluttonous and will eat everything. Never turn your back on apple snails if you keep them in your tank.

They can consume fish eggs within seconds and there is a chance they will do so, though it’s not a guarantee because apple snails are opportunistic eaters.

The saving grace here is that apple snails are big and fat and can’t really fit into breeding caves/tubes. But it’s better to keep these away from your fish eggs.

Do Nerite Snails Eat Fish Eggs

Nerites only really like soft leaves and algae. They won’t eat eggs unless they are starving to death and even then they might rather starve to death than eat them.

But for the most part, they will not touch your fish eggs.

In fact, they are probably one of the egg-safe snails on this list.

Bottom Line

All snails are opportunistic feeders and if given the opportunity and need, may eat fish eggs. All snails are capable of eating live fish eggs.

So while the species of snail may not eat your fish eggs, it all depends on the individual snail and if it’s hungry enough or has an appetite for eggs at all. It’s a gamble you take with snails when keeping them in breeding tanks.

To avoid any issues, consider not keeping them in breeding tanks, Or removing eggs into hatchery tanks, which makes them easier to take care of and medicated anyway if necessary, and increases hatch rate by a lot.


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