What Does Snail Eggs Look Like – Identification Infographic Guide

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What Does Snail Eggs Look Like – An Infographic For Identification Purposes

Need to know what snail eggs look like? Need to identify some unknown eggs in your pond or aquarium you suspect might be snail eggs? This infographic guide will help you compare the eggs you have with the most common snail types in order for you to identify and take action if needed.

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Mystery Snail Egg Details

The eggs will be packed in a row and will resemble small balls clustered together, but they’ll be yellow or pink in hue.

These eggs tend to be less pink than their apple snail counterparts. Will appear moldy just before they are about to hatch.

Mystery Snail eggs are usually laid in clusters – this is a picture of an egg clutch from one individual.

Check out our guide to tell if the mystery snail eggs are fertile

Some other interesting mystery snail facts

Apple Snail Egg Details

Apple snail eggs are a vibrant pink hue and are laid in long strings. The color will slowly fade if the eggs are fertile. If they are infertile they will stay bright pink.

When first hatched, apple snail eggs and mystery snail eggs can be hard to distinguish, but it’s usually easier to tell the difference when they are older.

These are laid above the water. If they are found in the water they will most likely be dead.

Bladder Snail Egg Details

Bladder snail eggs will often be found on the sides of ponds and glass aquariums. They are also laid directly onto vegetation underwater, In which they look like they are floating in a translucent cloud of goo.

They usually have a more round shape, but they can also be found in long clusters of filaments that resemble spaghetti. In some cases, the eggs will even get stuck to plants or aquatic decor underwater.

Pond Snail Egg Details

Much like bladder snail eggs, They are suspended in a goo-like sack but will be only above the water.

Assassin Snail Egg Details

Assassin snails only lay around 4 eggs at a time. These eggs are laid individually and are a light yellow in color. They almost appear like a single corn kernel.

Assassin snail eggs will be laid close together, usually in a straight none-connected line.

These are usually laid underwater on grass, plants, decorations, equipment, or substrate/rocks. Just about anywhere really.

Dwarf Ramshorn and Ramshorn Egg Details

Ramshorn eggs, be it dwarf or normal sized, Will usually lay eggs on plants. They appear suspended and floating in a cloud of goop.

The eggs are a light white/off-white color.

Dwarf ramshorns are a tiny versions of normal ramshorns, read more about dwarf ramshorns here

Nerite Snail Egg Details

Nerite snails are white/yellowish individually laid eggs. While these eggs aren’t in a cluster, they are usually close to each other in one spot. Usually on a piece of driftwood or solid decoration.

These eggs will be glued to the object they are on.

Malaysian Trumpet Snail Egg Details (No eggs, Live bearing)

Malaysian trumpets are a unique species of snail that doesn’t lay eggs but rather gives birth via live birthing.

Rabbit Snail Egg Details

Rabbit snail eggs are almost as unique as the rabbit snail themselves. The eggs look like they have a little rabbit’s foot shape to them.

They are smooth and soft looking with a white/tan coloration. They are laid individually much like a nerite snail or assassin snail egg.


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