Angelfish vs Discus – Which Is Better To Get

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Ah, the age-old debate, Angelfish Vs Discus, What are the differences and which one should you choose? Well, I am going to break it down for you and hopefully make it a bit easier to decide which beautiful fish you should get.

Angelfish vs Discus

It’s hard to choose between these 2 very beautiful species of fish, they are both so popular and so pretty. But yes, there is a difference between them and it’s a pretty big one too. Should you choose an Angelfish or should you choose Discus? Well, let’s break it down to make it easier for you!

The main difference between angelfish and discus is the ease of care. Angelfish are relatively versatile and can survive in less than ideal water conditions, While a discuss is more expensive and is very sensitive to its environment.


The first fish we’re going to talk about is the Angels. These fish are very popular and it’s not very hard to see why.

They come in such a wide variety of colors and patterns, they almost look like little pieces of candy.

They also aren’t overly difficult to care for either which makes them perfect beginner fish!

They are very versatile compared to discus and can survive in some less than ideal conditions.

They can also be used in large planted tanks where they will really thrive.

Another great thing about angelfish is you can keep them with many other fish species and they will usually thrive.

The only thing to really watch out for is that you don’t overcrowd them, as this can cause aggression between your angelfish and other tank mates.

If you’re looking for a hardy, colorful beginner fish then an angelfish would be perfect for you!

On the price side of things, They are cheaper than discus but they are still quite expensive to own.

So you can buy more angelfish than discus for the same price, but if you’re willing to spend the extra cash then it may be better for you to get a large shoal of discus instead.


The discus is a very beautiful and colorful creature. They are unlike anything you’ve probably ever seen before and their colors really pop out in an aquarium.

They also seem to have a personality of their own and can be quite active moving around the tank when they are healthy!

Many aquarium owners have stated they would prefer discus over angelfish primarily because of the coloration and personality of these fish.

However, compared to angelfish they are way more expensive and a lot harder to care for.

This species of fish is very sensitive to water conditions so you have to be careful that their tank is not too acidic or alkaline.

This makes them harder to find homes for as they do need a lot more care and attention than your average fish.

They enjoy a very planted tank with lots of hiding spaces.

Discus are also very picky eaters and can be difficult to get them to eat normal flake or pellet food. This is why it’s best to get a specialist discus pellet if you want to keep this species of fish.

So, should you get one? Well, if you have the time and money to dedicate to your discus then yes, absolutely go for it.

However, if you just want a colorful fish that is easy to care for then I would recommend an angelfish instead!


At the end of the day, it’s your choice.

If you want a colorful fish that is easy to care for then I recommend an angelfish, but if you have the time and dedication to take care of a discus then go for it!

Just make sure you research thoroughly before deciding which species of fish to buy as both these species are very demanding in different ways!

If you are just starting out in the hobby, I do recommend giving angels a try first. As you grow in experience, you will learn how to better care for the sensitive discus.


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