Why Is My Dojo Loach Floating And What To Do

Seeing your dojo loach that on a normal day is happily slithering around at the bottom of the tank, only to find that it’s now floating at the surface can be concerning. So when is it normal for a dojo loach to float, and when is it a cause for concern? And what other reasons … Read more

Do Zebra Loaches Hide? Yup, Here Is How to Help

Notice your zebra loach tends to shy away or outright hide most of the time? That’s pretty normal behavior actually, and in most cases, it’s perfectly fine. Here’s what you can do to help them feel more comfortable and when you should start to worry. Why do zebra loaches hide? It’s not just zebra loaches … Read more

Snails You Should Avoid Putting In Your Zebra Loach Tank

Will zebra loaches eat nerite snails? How about mystery snails or apple snails? It’s important to know what snails a loach will actually try to eat so you can plan accordingly with your snail choices and potential tank mates. Will zebra loaches eat nerite snails, Mystery snails, and Apple snails? In general, These snails are … Read more

Will Zebra Loaches Eat Cherry Shrimp, Can They Be Tank Mates?

Loaches are great little fish that can make a big difference in your aquarium. They are very active and will help keep the tank clean. Cherry shrimp are also great little creatures that can add some color and pizzazz to your aquarium. So, can these two be tank mates? The answer is yes! Zebra loaches … Read more

Why Is My Zebra Loach So Fat! Overweight Loach Causes

Fish can get fat for many reasons, especially in an aquarium tank setup. You may have noticed your zebra or yoyo loach has a bigger belly than usual or a distended stomach. This can be normal, but in some cases, your loach may have a serious problem. Since there are many reasons your loach may … Read more

Will Swordtails Eat Shrimp, Yes, But They Are Still Compatible!

Swordtails being omnivorous will eat shrimplets and shrimp. So if you have a small population of shrimp, they aren’t the best tank mates for each other. But there are ways to overcome this incompatibility and allow both species to thrive in an aquarium. Swordtails aren’t aggressive, but they are opportunistic The big problem here isn’t … Read more

Why Is My Cory Catfish Turning White / Pale?

It sucks when you witness your beloved Cory catfish turning white or pale. There could be a number of reasons behind it, Some that are harmless and others that are more serious and might even be fatal to your fish. In this article, I’ll go over some of the more common causes and what you … Read more

How Many Cory Catfish in a 29 Gallon Tank? 12

It’s a pretty straightforward number. You should not have more than 12 cory catfish in a 29 gallon tank. This will allow your fish to have plenty of room to swim and explore their environment without feeling cramped. However, there are a few things you should consider when adding this many fish to your tank. … Read more

This Is Why Your Cory Cats Keep Hiding

Corydoras are one of my favorite fish to have in my aquarium. They are also one of the first fish I ever got when I started aquarium keeping. When you first start taking care of corys in a tank, it’s important to see the signs of stress and/or illness so you can take care of … Read more

Do Otocinclus Eat Hair Algae? Not Really!

You may have heard people say that Otos are good at eating algae and other things off of aquarium glass. So do otocinclus eat hair algae? No, unfortunately, they do not. They may nibble on it a bit, but they will not do any serious damage to it. The truth is, otos eat a large … Read more