Will Pea Puffers Eat Mystery Snails?

Last Updated on July 3, 2022 by cmoarz

You might be wondering if mystery snails would make good tank mates for pea puffers. But you need to know “will pea puffers eat mystery snails” before deciding on adding them to your tank.

Will pea puffers eat mystery snails, can Pea Puffers eat large snails?

Pea puffers are carnivorous and their favorite protein happens to be snails. But will they go after a snail that’s so much larger than them? Will pea puffers eat mystery snails that are much bigger than the pea puffer itself?

The answer is yes, And it’s more gruesome than you can imagine.

Just because the puffer won’t be able to eat the entire snail at once doesn’t mean it won’t try to eat him at all.

In fact, The puffer will continue to take bites off of the snail over the course of a long time, slowly killing it.

This harassment would be awful for the snail, and very painful.

So if you’re thinking of adding mystery snails to your tank with pea puffers, make sure you are prepared for them to become the puffer’s next meal.

Now, with that said, Not all pea puffers are made equal. Some are better tempered than others and may get along with a mystery snail of large enough size.

Especially if the puffer is well fed and always has a snack or two to spare, such as small bladder snails in the tank.

But it’s still not a risk worth taking, in most cases.

So, even though they may be large, it’s best not to add mystery snails to your tank if you have pea puffers. You never know when one of those little puffer fish is going to get hungry.

Are any snails safe with puffers?

Unfortunately not, Unless you happened to have a very well-behaved pea puffer.

Most puffers will go after any type of snail, even if they’re not as big as mystery snails.

The best way to avoid this problem is to not add any snails to your tank if you have puffers except food snails that the puffers are meant to eat.

What size snails do Pea Puffers eat normally?

Normally pea puffers enjoy sucking out smaller snails from their shells. Snails such as bladder snails, ramshorn snails, pond snails, and Malaysian snails.

Normally you would add these to the tank as supplemental feeding to keep your puffer healthy and well-fed.

But as stated before, even if the pea puffer can’t eat the mystery snail whole, it will still try to take bites off of it, slowly killing it.


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