How Often Should You Feed Cory Catfish – Feeding Schedule

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Looking up how often to feed cory catfish online will bring up many opinions, and most of them are ill-informed or outright wrong. How often to feed your corydoras catfish depends on a few factors, including the size of your fish and whether they are juvenile or adult fish, and how many you have in the tank.

How often you should actually feed corydoras

Corydoras tend to eat a lot. As bottom feeders, they have ferocious appetites and will eat anything that falls to the bottom of the tank.

This makes it important to keep a close eye on how much food you are actually putting in, as they could be getting some side meals from other fish.

In general, corydoras should be fed once or twice per day. How much you feed them at once is dependent on the size of the individual fish and how many you have in your tank.

For corydoras fry, They should be given the opportunity to feed on smaller amounts of wafer often throughout the day.

Fry tend to eat much more than their larger counterparts due to their rapid growth, so it is important to be sure not to overfeed them or underfeed them.

For juvenile and adult corydoras, the amount of food you give them at once will depend on the size of your tank, with larger tanks allowing for a higher feeding frequency.

If you drop in wafers and the corydoras don’t automatically get excited and swim to the food, It means they are being fed too much too often.

Overfed cories will laze about even when food is dropped (except fry) right in front of them.

In this case, you should cut back the amount you’re feeding them, or the frequency of your feedings.

When to know you are giving too much food

The 3-minute fish feeding rule doesn’t really work with corydoras. They’re slow sifter feeders and tend to eat over time.

The best way to gauge overfeeding is if they laze about when food is dropped into the tank and if pieces of the wafer (or whatever food you’ve given them) remain on the substrate for more than a couple of hours.

In this case, Give them 75% of what you gave them last time and see if that makes a difference.

Corydoras are known for their hearty appetites, but that doesn’t mean you should overfeed them.

A little trial and error will help you find the perfect feeding schedule for your fish. Adjust appropriately for any new additions.


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