Why Do Turtles Suddenly Die? | 5 Reasons

why do turtles die suddenly

Turtles are fascinating creatures that can be enjoyed in many different ways, but sometimes they die suddenly for no clear reason. It’s hard to know why this happens, but there are a few common factors that might contribute to the death of your turtle. In this blog post, we’ll explore five reasons why turtles suddenly … Read more

Mystery Snails: Do They Need a Heater?

do mystery snails need a heater

Some people are convinced that they need a heater for their mystery snails. In this article, we will discuss whether or not you need to provide a heater for your mystery snails and the benefits of getting one if you do decide to get it. Do mystery snails need a heater? This is actually a … Read more

Ramshorn Snail Eggs: Things You Need To Know

Ramshorn Snail Eggs

Ramshorn snails are a type of freshwater snail that lays eggs in clusters. These eggs have a slimy coating and can be either white or light yellow depending on the species, but they all look alike. Ramhorns are most often brought up as feeder snail for other fish and snails (such as the assassin snail). … Read more

Assassin Snails: What Do They Eat Exactly?

what do assassin snails eat

Assassin snails are a type of freshwater snail that feeds on other aquatic creatures. They get their name from how they hunt for prey – by using the venom in their saliva to paralyze it. The assassin snail then uses its rasp-like tongue to scrape off the soft tissues and consume what is left. So, … Read more

Tadpoles Can Eat Cucumber, Here’s How

can tadpoles eat cucumber

Tadpoles can eat cucumber. This might seem like an unusual thing to say, but it’s true! Tadpoles are able to digest the cellulose in a cucumber. You will need a bit more preparation than just feeding a cucumber to your tadpole, but you can do it. This is how: Clean the skin of the cucumber … Read more

How Long Does It Take Frog Eggs To Hatch?

How Long Does It Take Frog Eggs To Hatch?

When it comes to the amphibian world, there are quite a few different species of frogs that we need to discuss. While many people know how long it takes for the most common species of frog eggs to hatch, they may be less familiar with some of the other species. This article will go through … Read more

How long does it take Turtle Eggs to Hatch?

How long does it take Turtle Eggs to Hatch

How long does it take turtle eggs to hatch? It depends on a variety of factors, including the type of turtle and how old they are. For example, red eared sliders can take anywhere from 42-90 days for their eggs to hatch. African sideneck turtles have a 60 day incubation period before their eggs begin … Read more