Why Fish Chase Around Other Fish in an Aquarium

what does it mean when fish chase each other

There are many reasons why fish might be chasing each other around in your aquarium. Sometimes it means nothing and sometimes it’s a sign of trouble. In this blog post, we will help you diagnose the reason your fish are acting this way, and how to solve the problem. Why do fish chase each other … Read more

How to Save a Dying Fish: Comprehensive Instructions

how to save a dying fish

When your fish starts to show signs of distress, it’s important that you know how to quickly and effectively save a dying fish. This article will provide you with comprehensive instructions on how to do just that! If these steps are followed correctly, then your little friend may have a chance at survival. How to … Read more

For Perfect Results Cleaning Aquarium Decorations

How to clean aquarium decorations

If you have an aquarium, it is very important that you know how clean the decorations, this includes hardscape and decorative plants. In this article, I go over some tips and tricks to ensure that you are doing the best job possible, as well as doing it in the safest way possible for you and … Read more

How Many Babies Do Cherry Shrimp Have?

How Many Babies Do Cherry Shrimp Have?

If you’re looking to start breeding shrimp, whether it be cherry shrimp or any other variety of shrimp, it’s important to know how many babies they can have in order to get your size, food, and water balance estimates right. In this article, we will explain how many babies do cherry shrimp have, and how … Read more

Glass vs Acrylic Aquariums, Which is better for you?

Glass vs Acrylic Aquarium

The decision to choose between glass or acrylic aquariums can be a difficult one. Both have their pros and cons, so it is important to weigh the benefits of each before making your selection. Glass aquariums are heavy and ridged, but they also do not turn yellow over time, stay visible with a quick cleaning, … Read more

Snapping Turtles – What, Who, How, and Where

snapping turtles

Do you know what snapping turtles are? Snapping turtles are a type of turtle that has the ability to snap their jaws shut with enough force to break a bone! They can also hold on tight and refuse to let go if they bite something. These fascinating creatures have existed for over 210 million years, … Read more

Tiny Snails In Fish Tank – The Snail HitchHiker

tiny snails in fish tank

One of the more common questions people ask when they discover tiny snails in their fish tank is “Where did these tiny snails come from?” The answer to this question starts with a little exploration into what these tiny creatures are and how they came to be. Many people that own fish tanks also have … Read more

Apple snail eggs, facts, and food

apple snail eggs

Apple snails make great and easy animals to care for. They live peacefully with most varieties of fish, they have no temperament and are completely passive, They help with algae cleanup and overall are very common to have. However, they aren’t perfect and have a few downsides you will need to know about. If your … Read more

What do Musk Turtles Eat And Other Important Information

What do Musk Turtles Eat And Other Important Information

The common musk turtle is a popular pet choice for many people. However, there are some things that you might not know about these awesome creatures. In this article, we will discuss what they eat as well as other interesting facts! What do must turtles eat? Musk turtles are omnivores and eat both plants (vegetation) … Read more