The Best Tank Mates for Siamese Algae Eater Fish

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The Siamese algae eater is a freshwater fish that keeps your tank/aquarium clean by consuming algae. It has a slender body that can grow up to 6 inches in length. The color of this fish is either light gold or gray color. But all Siamese algae eaters have a thick black stripe that starts from its head to the end of its tail fin.

These species of fish are usually confused with the flying fox as they look quite similar. All Siamese algae eaters can be recognized by their thick black stripe. It begins from its head and ends at the tail fin. The flying fox also has a black stripe, but it ends before the starting base of the tail fin. In a flying fox, the black stripe is followed by another gold stripe on top of it.

Another critical difference between these two fish species is that a Siamese algae eater has two barbules (whiskers), whereas a flying fox has four barbules.

The ideal tank mates for Siamese algae eater

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Siamese algae eaters are active and social and will get along with most fish as they are rarely aggressive. Siamese algae eaters perform well when housed by themselves, and they also tend to school in groups of four to six.

Siamese algae eaters are peaceful, and since they are not territorial by nature, they rarely pick fights with others. These fish get along with almost any other fish in the community tank.

However, it is better to avoid keeping these fish along with other fish like- bettas (Siamese fighting fish), platys, guppies, or swordtails, as they often nip the long-finned fish’s fin. The exception can be betta fish as they are a good pair for your Siamese algae eater as long as the tank is large enough.

Some of the ideal tank mates for Siamese algae eaters are – Corydoras, Mollies, Tetras, Danios, Plecos, Docile Gourami species, and Barbs.

As Siamese algae eaters are bottom-dwellers, they make a great pair with Corydoras as these fish are also peaceful bottom-dwellers. Tetras and Danios are small and non-aggressive, making these fish ideal to home along with your Siamese algae eater. Though Gourami and Barbs are large fish, they do not behave aggressively, making them safe for your Siamese algae eater.

You can even include other non-fish organisms that eat algae, such as Amano, cherry, or ghost shrimp. This inclusion will create a diverse environment for your Siamese algae eater.

They even eat diatom alage

As the Siamese algae eaters are non-aggressive, it is advisable to avoid pairing them with overly aggressive fish. Aggressive bottom-dwellers like red tail sharks tend to harass and bully other fish as they are territorial. It would help if you also avoid aggressive fish species such as Cichlids and Oscarsas as they will attack and even try to eat your algae eaters.

Learn how to breed your Siamese algae eater


You can keep multiple Siamese algae eater as they are social and peaceful fish. However, avoid overcrowding your tank as they produce quite a lot of waste, just like any other fish.

It is also to be kept in mind that these are freshwater fish, so they dwell best in clean and clear water. They are algae eating fish, but they still contribute to producing waste, so you should put effort into keeping your fish tank clean.


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