Do Zebra Danios Have Scales

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Do zebra danios have scales? You might need this information if you’re looking to treat them with certain medications due to the fact that some medications can’t be used on armored, rather than scaled fish.

Yes, Zebra danios, along with all other cyprinids (i.e. goldfish, koi, barbs) do have scales. You can see them if you look closely at the fish.

Scaled fish are freshwater fish that possess bony plates called “scales” on their body surface which provide protection against abrasion and parasites. The boney scales lack blood supply and are replaced by a layer of skin which is renewed continuously through the rapid growth of cells in the outer layers.

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Fish scales vary greatly in size, shape, and thickness depending on the species, but they can be generally described as “all similar”. Scales give the fish structural support and provide an attachment site for muscles. It also allows fish to swim and glide through the water more efficiently and effortlessly as they reduce friction against the surrounding water.

Fish that do not have scales, Such as corydoras, Instead have armor-plated skin.

In case you’re wondering, armored fish don’t hold the same type of resistance and protection against parasites and diseases as their scaly counterparts which can lead to more frequent infections and even death due to the fact that medications meant for scaleless fish would not be strong enough on armored fish, if at all effective.

One thing in common for both types of fish, scales, and scales, is the protective slime film that coats their skin. This slimy coating is secreted by the body of the fish and acts as a natural barrier against parasites, bacteria, fungal infections, waterborne toxins, and diseases which can also prevent wounds from becoming infected or causing them to swell more than usual.


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