How Long Can a Nerite Snail Be Out of Water For?

Whether you’re just taking your nerite out for a walk (lol) or your nerite snail fell out of the tank, Or maybe your trying to ship a nerite snail in the mail but aren’t sure how it will do, It’s important to know how long can a nerite snail be about of the water without … Read more

Mystery Snails Keep Dying? Here Are Some Reasons Why

Why do your mystery snails keep dying? It’s a common issue we hear about from people all over the world who are trying to keep mystery snails in their aquariums. There are a few reasons why your mystery snails might be dying, so I’ll go over them here one by one. Mystery Snails Dying? Here’s … Read more

Do Mystery Snails Eat Plants? Safe For A Planted Tank?

Do mystery snails eat plants? Are they safe for my planted tanks or will they destroy all my hard work? These are common questions people have when they decide to bring these helpful little guys into their aquarium. Mystery Snails (Pomacea bridgesii) may readily eat fish food, but in the wild, they feed on algae, … Read more

How Fast Can Snails Eat a Dead Fish, Do They Eat Dead Fish?

Will snails eat dead fish when given the opportunity? And if so, How fast can snails eat a dead fish? Seems like a strange question to ask but if you ever “lost” a fish and have no idea where it went, Your primary suspect is probably going to be your snail right? So let’s dive into … Read more

Will Mystery Snails Eat Dead Fish?

Do Mystery Snails Eat Fish? How about dead fish, Will a mystery snail eat dead fish that are left in the tank? Mystery snails are what’s known as opportunistic scavengers and will eat just about anything that won’t walk away. This includes algae, dead plants, and yes, Dead fish. In fact, They are quite ravenous … Read more

What Does Snail Eggs Look Like – Identification Infographic Guide

What Does Snail Eggs Look Like – An Infographic For Identification Purposes Need to know what snail eggs look like? Need to identify some unknown eggs in your pond or aquarium you suspect might be snail eggs? This infographic guide will help you compare the eggs you have with the most common snail types in … Read more

10 Mystery Snail Fact’s You Didn’t Know

11 Mystery Snail Fact's You Didn't Know

1. Mystery Snail Shell Growth 1) The shells of snails grow by only adding new material at the edges. This is called conchiolin. 2) The shell grows more rapidly when it is moist because the expansion and contraction is facilitated by water. 3) A mystery snail’s shell will have rings on them much like a … Read more